13th Kansai Queer Film Festival – Opening Film

RafikiRafiki by Wanuri Kahiu will open activities for the 13th Kansai Queer Festival which will take place from September 21st -23rd at the Toyonaka Step (Osaka) and from October 18th – 20th at the Kyoto University Seibu – Kodo.

Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony will take place on September 21st (Saturday) at the Toyonaka Step (Osaka) Step Hall at 14:10 pm with the screening of Rafiki by Wanuri Kahiu (Kenya) and the short film The Personal Things by Tournaline (USA). The other screening of Rafiki will be on October 19th (Saturday) at the Kyoto University Seibu – Kodo at 23:10 pm.


Rafiki by Wanuri Kahiu – Kenya | 2018 – 82 minutes

Kena is a girl who hangs out with the local guys. One day, she meets Ziki and starts having special feelings toward her. Their relationship develops into love, but in a small town in Nairobi, there is no secret. They have to be even more cautious as their fathers are rival candidates in the parliamentary elections. In a village dominated by traditional values, the special relationship between the two girls is soon the topic on everyone’s tongue, eventually forcing them to break up. Time goes by and they meet again after achieving their dreams. (BIKY Festival Catalogue)


For more information about the programme please follow the next link: KQFF Website

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