31st Gawad Alternatibo – Finalists 2019

gawadshorts2019We present the finalists for the Ika-31 Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibo Pelikula at Video (from The Philippines).

The Gawad Alternatibo is one of Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival’s main components, and has produced outstanding filmmakers and media practitioners. Established in 1987, the annual longest-running independent film competition of its kind in the Asean Region, recognizes the best Filipino films in four categories, Short Feature, Documentary, Animation and Experimental.

Note: We arranged the information from the short films in the following order. First a still photo, then Title & Director/s, followed by a synopsis and then a Trailer.

August 3rd | Saturday | Tanghalang Manuel Conde (CCP Dream Theater)
10:00 am, 12:45 pm, 3:30 pm 6:15 pm & 9:00 pm

August 4th | Sunday | Tanghalang Manuel Conde (CCP Dream Theater)
10:00 am, 12:45 pm, 3:30 pm & 9:00 pm

August 5th | Monday | Tanghalang Manuel Conde (CCP Dream Theater)
10:00 am, 12:45 pm, 3:30 pm

Monday, August 5th at the Tanghalang Manuel Conde (CCP Dream Theater) 7:00 pm

Short Features

20152015 by Eluna R. Cepeda

A lesbian couple is making the most of their last day together inside their home, before one of them leaves for good.


Ang babayi sa bahura

Ang babayi sa bahura by Kyle Fermindoza

Celso, a struggling fisherman and an equally struggling marine haven are both torn by a thin line of reality and fantasy – a mystery deeper than the deepest ocean. Celso finds himself in a predicament and goes through a sequence of events that lead to uncovering the truth.


Ang nagliliyab

Ang nagliliyab na kasaysayan ng pamilya dela Cruz
By Miguel Louie De Guzman



Angel by Al-jhun Romel V. Virgo

Following a day in a life of Angel, a lady trying to forget her miserable past but when she was about to reach her first step goal to live her hopeful future, mystery from the past keeps tapping her shoulder to make her look back at her miserable past.


Asaddi (Flipped) by Alexander Ramiso

A Story of Triumphant Journey in a Game that seeks to break a Dividing Line between Two Culture.


Bahay-bahayan by Brian Spencer Reyes

A young girl who dreams of becoming a mother suddenly becomes one when a baby is left at her doorstep



Byline by Caleb Mercado

Hanggang saan ang kaya mong gawin para sa iyong trabaho? Sa magulo at masalimuot na kampanya kontra iligal na droga, isang mamamahayag ang buong tapang na siniyasat ang isang opisyal ng pamahalaan na sangkot sa iligal na droga.

Dear Ma by Kay Catalan

Defiance by Brylle John Policarpio


Delta by Eluigi Macalintal & James Garcia

Synopsis: To celebrate his birthday, Marco brings his younger brother, Lucas, to the river for a weekend without their parents. As the brothers bond, Marco shares with Lucas his plan to explore the end of the river with Lucas. Out of curiosity, Lucas heads out on his own. As Marco and Lucas try to find each other, they must come to terms with the choices they’ve made in order to come home.


Hasta na

Hasta na Lang sa dason by Arden Rod Condez

A mother retires as a maid due to an illness. Continuing the legacy of their kin, the mother’s daughter arrives from the province to assume her post.


Hila(u)was by Dennis Joseph O. Hubag

A mother awakens from a slumber and is slain and devoured by her own son whom she gives birth to. After a realization of what he has done, the son surrenders to himself and admits his awful deed and awaits the coming of the truth.


Ikahuli by Sheenly Gener

Katungdanan by Richard Jeroui Salvadico & Arlie Sweet Sumagaysay


Kuwerdas by Chloe Anne Veloso


Limbo by Luke Miraflor


Lutab by Ma. Jerowe Papin


Malampasan mo sana ang sakit by Arnie Valdez

An unconditional love of a man for his man who passed away that led him to suicidal thoughts.

Mga alaala sa kwento

Mga alaala sa kwento by Maribel M. Paquiz


Mga naalimunaw

Mga naalimunaw nga sipad sang damgo by Cyrus Kim Balasabas

Toto and his grandmother converse metaphoric dialogues that resemble dispute in their land. Strongly adhering to his dreams, Toto aspires to take care of their property but end up facing a more challenging event in his life.


Once Lang magkafirst love

Once Lang magkafirst love by Jessa Mae Sargento

A high school student experiences first love while a huge pimple grows on her nose.


Paalam sa mga ninuno

Paalam sa mga ninuno by Kyle D. Chu


Pagitan by John Gabriel Torres


Runner by Levi Jun B. Miscala

Boy, a fast runner, wants to continue his secondary education by becoming an athlete but his inauspicious boss obstructed his aspiration because he is the best drug runner.



Sambahin ang ngalan mo by Brian Caacbay

A young girl asked a series of question before going to church.

see you anak

See you anak by Richardson “Chad Kinis” De La Cruz

Desperate Annette is willing to do everything to fulfill her promise to her deceased child.

Siguro, baka, pwede

Siguro, baka, pwede by Yvette Mijares

Gel who is still in the process of moving on from her almost relationship invites her friend on a vacation trip. One night, her friends ask their mind out everything about her.


The Retreat

The Retreat by Riah Tonio

A lonely, introverted girl faces mysterious encounters during her high school’s religious retreat trip.


Tinagsip by Hannah May Ybalez

Viral Kids

Viral Kids by Arjanmar Rebeta


Budots: The Craze by Mark Limbaga and Jay Rosas


Halawod (Into the Sea) by Anna Katrina Tejero

Amidst modernization and development, the indigenous people of the Tumandok tribe of Panay the region are struggling to preserve their culture and their rights to ancestral land. Belonging to the Tumandok tribe, couples Romeo and Berna Castor are being sued by the National Irrigation Administration for refusing to give their consent to the proposed Jalaur Mega dam in the town of Calinog, Iloilo. This documentary film explores the sentiments of the Tumandok people facing dispossession of land and the waning of cultural tradition that is brought about by pretext of development.


Hayop by Maki Liwanag

Kung ang ilog ay tahimik, asahan mo at malalim by Carlo Lopez

Roc 6 by Joycelyn May Estacion

Sa pagitan ng kapanig at dayuhan by John Peter Chua


7:17 by Jennifer Aspiras

AREA-C by Jan McIloyd Sumagpang

Kumot by Lyza Dy-Cok

Luminous by Carl Venson A. Zarraga


Malengag by Chad E. Delos Santos


Noli by Rodnie Bolivar

Pot by Carl Papa


Sober by Chrstian Daniel Fabia


Sould Out Sold Out by Renz James Alcazaren

Work in Progress by Philex Angelo Merano

Yapak sa araw

Yapak sa araw by James Raphael De Ocampo

This is a story about an intelligent but unorthodox young boy, Graeham Garcia; He was outside of a TV shop at a sidewalk of Recto Avenue where a lot of stores reside, there He saw the news about the Apollo 11, and the first person who landed on the moon, Neil Armstrong. He was so fascinated by the fact that a person can go outer space. So Graeham thought to himself, if Neil Armstrong was the first person on the moon, He will be the first person to venture towards the Sun. Since then, this has been the ambition of Graeham. Unfavorably, He is poverty-stricken and ill-treated by his peers. But with the fortification of his parents and the resources offered by Recto, not a thing ceases him from accomplishing his goal.


Alegoria para las Filipinas by Rogger Basco

A mother’s love by Lyka Angelica V. Trinidad

Ako by Jonel Carl Revistual

Alt by John Joseph Lopez Buenaventura

Asking for it by Claudine L. Ong

Hokagay by Jonel Carl Revistual

I’ve been here by Jonathan Jose Zamora Olarte

Kanin Baboy, Taong Baboy

Kanin Baboy, Taong Baboy by Gabrielle Lloyd D. Reyes

La Belle by Jean Hannah Belle Montebon


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu by Anj Macalanda

Rhythmic movement of positive energies in a synchronistic turn of events within a day.


Michel de Certeau

Michel de Certeau’s Metaphor for Everyday Life by Noli Manaig

A quasi-documentary on the sociology of metropolitan train stations from the perspective of European theory with the use of anamorphic lenses.

Pulp Friction by Robert Jacob C. Lazaro

Surveillance State, HLI.: Gawad CCP Recurring Nightmare by Jul Jun General

Terror Management Theory by Mathieu Padilla


Tingles by Al-Zir Georges Malaga

Told using a circular 360-degree framing and the power of A.S.M.R., “tingles” is a relaxing nightmare about manipulation, exploitation, and freedom.


Voyeur by Loren Shi

VOYEUR is a film brimming with meanings — bright and vivid, both visually and musically orbiting around the soul and mind of a trapped person. The short feature revolves around a woman inside a room wherein each wall symbolizes a specific stereotype of a woman should be, representing how women are monetized and objectified, how they are expected to live up to the tradition, the influence of religion, and the constant hope for transparency and equality, respectively. The audience watches as the woman struggles to free herself from expectations of the society and from the misconceptions drawn from the misrepresentations created in media, showing its significant influence and the ability of audiences to actively react and interpret media messages.

We remind readers that the Ika-31 Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibo Pelikula at Video will take place during the 15th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival (August 2nd – 11th, 2019) in Manila, Philippines.

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