15th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival – Finalists 2019


We present the feature films that will be screened during the 15th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival which will take place from August 2nd – 11th, 2019 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex and selected cinemas around the Philippines.

About the Festival:
The Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival’s aim of the festival is to develop and promote independent films. Each year the festival provides funding for ten films presented during the festival. The Gawad Alternatibo also takes place during the festival, this competition celebrates short independent films from across the Philippines.

Recently the festival announce they will have screenings nationwide in celebration of the 100th Years of Filipino Cinema. We can’t wait for the full line-up to be publish.


Ani [The Harvest] by Kim Zuniga & Sandro del Rosario

Year 2050 Federal State of Bicol. A newly orphaned boy moves to a farm to live with his estranged grandfather. When Mauricio falls ill and as the crops in their farm seem to fall ill with him, Mithi embarks on a quest with his malfunctioning robot to search for magical grains that he believes will save the old man’s life.



Annak Ti Karayan

Children of the River by Maricel Cariaga

A coming-of-age story about Elias and his three friends who suddenly need to grow up and take on the responsibility their fathers left as they went away in a battle they can’t surely win. As Elias tries his best to lead the group, circumstances arise that challenges his resolve. Will Elias be able to protect his friends for what’s about to come if he himself questions his true nature?



Belle Douleur

Belle Douleur (A Beautiful Pain) by Joji V. Alonso

Elizabeth, a self-made woman in her late 40s, is bent on living on her own for the rest of her days. After her mother passes from years of suffering from a lingering illness, she meets Jon, a man 20 years her junior, who convinces her that love knows no age and that there are no limits to life’s starts. They embark on a May-December affair that is very promising, until Liz realizes that Jon has dreams that she cannot be part of.




Iska by Theodore Boborol

Iska, a loving but impoverished grandmother of an abandoned child tragicomically loses everything and turns into someone society reckons her to be.



John Denver Trending

John Denver Trending by Arden Rod Condez

His name is John Denver Cabungcal, a Grade 8 student. All he really wants is to do well in school and bring good grades to his mother. But one day, a classmate accuses him of stealing a forty-five thousand peso worth of an IPAD. After the classmate’s persistent allegation, John Denver snaps and assaults his classmate. Unluckily for him, someone records the incident and posts the video on social media.




Malamaya by Danica Sta Lucia & Leilani Chavez

At 50, NORA SIMEON is beginning to feel…passé. She only has unsatisfactory sex, wrinkles, and opposing views on art and creativity with the younger lot. As she recaptures her prime, she finds spark with Migs, an aspiring photographer who reignited forgotten passions and elicited bursts of inspiration. Besotted with her younger lover, Nora will fail to notice how he invades her space and senses; and eventually, her art and body.



Pandanggo Sa Hukay

Pandanggo Sa Hukay by Sheryl Rose M. Andes

Amidst poverty and violence surrounding her, Elena, a young midwife and a single mother keeps a positive outlook in life. As she seeks to work abroad to better her family, we will follow her as she prepares for her upcoming job interview.




Edward by Thop Nazarenoc

A public hospital serves as a witness to a young boy’s rite of passage when he is stuck to take care of his ailing father. Caught in a place where life itself is in limbo, the boy treats the hospital grounds as his playground, not knowing that it will be his source of liberation in the end.




Tabon by Xian Lim

A man’s belief in reality is tested when suspects are accused of a crime they believe to not have committed.




Fucc Bois by Eduardo Roy Jr.

Ace (23) and Miko (17) desperately want to become famous actors but it seems the Universe has a different plan for their lives.



To see the Finalists for the Short Film Competition please visit the next link: Short Films Cinemalaya 2019

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