21st Far East Film Festival – Winners 2019


We present the list of winners of the Far East Film Festival which took place from April 26th – May 4th, 2019 in Udine, Italy.

Black Dragon Award

StillHumanStill Human by Oliver Chen – Hong Kong | 2018 – 112 minutes

A paralyzed and hopeless Hong Kong man meets his new Filipino domestic worker who has put her dream on hold and came to the city to earn a living. These two strangers live under the same roof through different seasons, and as they learn more about each other, they also learn more about themselves. Together, they learn about how to face the different seasons of life. (IMDb)



Mymovies Award

Fly me to the SaitamaFly me to the Saitama by Takeuchi Hideki – Japan | 2019 – 107 minutes

In a world where people are discriminated based on their birthplace, a resident of the much-reviled Saitama Prefecture embarks on a revolutionary campaign to improve things for his home. (IMDb)



White Mulberry Award for First Time director

MelancholicTanaka Seiji for Melancholic – Japan | 2018 – 114 minutes

Put together a dynamic new director, a great script, a dose of black humour, a love story and a pinch of action and, voilà – you’ve got a cult movie! Kazuhiko finds a job in a public toilet, but by a cruel quirk of fate it also turns out to be the place the Yakuza use for their executions. And when the young man discovers the truth, he ends up assigned to the night shift – which includes getting rid of the bodies. (Far East Film Festival Catalogue 2019)



Audience Awards

StillHumanStill Human by Oliver Chen – Hong Kong | 2018 – 112 minutes


Dying to Survive

Dying to Survive by Wen Mu Ye – China | 2018 – 117 minutes

A story on how a small drug store owner became the exclusive selling agent of a cheap Indian generic drug against Chronic Granulocytic Leukemia in China. (IMDb)



Extreme Job

Extreme Job by Lee Byoung-heon – Korea | 2019 – 111 minutes

A police undercover operation takes a delicious, unexpected turn. (IMDb)


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