Festivals of the Month – May 2019

We present three film festivals you cannot miss this May 2019.


20th Jeonju International Film Festival
Jeonju, South Korea
Date: May 2nd – 11th, 2019

We start the month in Korea for the Jeonju International Film Festival. Launched in 2000, the festival main objective is to introduce independent and experimental films at the forefront to shine a spotlight on the alternative movements of contemporary film art. The Jeonju IFF discovers talents of promising filmmakers who could be the future leaders of filmmaking, endorse creative experiments and independent spirits, and provides the opportunity to meet and bond with international filmmakers. This year the Opening Film was Piranhas by Claudio Giovannesi (Italy) and the Closing Film will be Skin by Guy Nattiv (USA). We selected 10 Asian Films, 15 Korean Shorts and 12 Korean Films for you too see during the festival, you can check the articles here: 10 Asian Films15 Korean Short12 Korean Film you cannot miss at the JIFF. Each year the festival presents an excellent programme with a wide range of themes and topics. This is a festival you cannot miss.



16th Seoul Eco Film Festival
Seoul, South Korea
Date: May 23rd – 29th, 2019
Web (Only in Korean):

We stay in Korea until the 23rd for the Seoul Eco Film Festival. Launched in 2004 the Seoul Green Film Festival seeks to the coexistence of humans and the environment through the movie and discuss alternatives and practices for the future, it has introduced the domestic and foreign excellent work dealing with urgent environmental problems in the world. It also contributes greatly to enhance the environmental sensitivity of citizens through innovative and interesting experience events and educational programs that can be enjoyed only at the festival. The Opening Film for this year will be Victor Kossakovsky’s latest documentary “Aquarella”.



2nd Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival
Tokyo, Japan
Dates: May 31st – June 3rd, 2019

For the end of the month we travel to Japan for the Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival (TDF), a newly introduce festival for us that appears to be very interesting. Started in 2017 the TDF is a festival where all the films are selected by the Deaf staff. It is held every 2 years in Shibuya, Tokyo for both the Deaf and hearing audience. The main goal of the TDF is to contribute to the development of the Deaf society and the Deaf art, and to create a place where both the Deaf and the hearing can come together and understand each other by providing both the hearing and also the Deaf themselves with films concerned with the Deaf society with sign language and the Deaf culture.

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