Film Festival

11th Indonesian Film Festival 2016 (Australia)


The Indonesian Film Festival will be held from April 14th until the 20th at the Australian Center for the Moving Image, in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

The 11th Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) will be screening eight films, spanning a variety of genres from social realist drama, to comedy and horror, with explorations of LGBT and religious issues in modern Indonesian society.

Tara Basro
IFF Ambassador 2016

The festival will have a Gala Meet & Green on April 13th at The Crafty Squire Melbourne (127 Russell St, Melbourne) at 5:30 pm (Booking required). This year the IFF Brand Ambassador and Special Guest is the award-winning actress Tara Basro. Over the years, Tara Basro’s diverse film roles and wonderful performances have earned her accolades and made her one of the most recognisable actresses in Indonesia. She has worked with many prominent Indonesian filmmakers and won Best Actress at the Indonesian Film Awards (FFI) in 2015 for her role in Joko Anwar’s critically-acclaimed film, A Copy of My Mind (it was screened in 2015 Venice, Toronto and Busan International Film Festivals). The Gala Meet & Greet will offer limited drinks and finger food, musical entertainment, an introductory speech and Q&A session with Tara Basro and Chicco Jerikho (actor from Filosofi Kopi). The main program will run from April 14th – 20th at the Australian Center for the Moving Image.


Filosofi Kopi (Coffee Philosophy) by Angga Dwimas Sasongko – Indonesia | 2015 – 117 min.

Hundreds of million Rupiah debt threaten to force ‘Filosofi Kopi’, a cafe established by Jody and Ben, into bankruptcy. Amidst of attempts in getting themselves out of insolvency, a businessman comes with a challenge that can save ‘Filosofi Kopi’. With his expertise in brewing coffee, Ben successfully win a billion Rupiah. However, El comes with a statement that crushes everything. Ben and Jody have no choice but to embark on a journey to find Tiwus Coffee, a cup better than ‘Ben’s perfecto’, that will determine their friendship and the existence of ‘Filosofi Kopi’.
A box office hit in Indonesia, this intriguing story about soul­searching and making peace with the past through coffee is adapted from Dee Lestari’s witty best­selling novel.

Another Trip to the Moon by Ismail Basbeth – Indonesia | 2015 – 80 min.

Inspired by Indonesian myths, this fable depicts the struggles of a girl who tries to free herself from the shackles of traditional conventions embodied in her over­-controlling mother. Asa and her girlfriend live a peaceful lifestyle in the forest far from society, much to her mother’s chagrin. Asa’s Mother, who is a witch doctor, casts an incantation that forces Asa to abandon her life in the forest to marry a man of her mother’s choosing. Now Asa must choose between living a lie and fulfilling her mother’s wishes, or to get back to the life that she always wanted.

Negeri Van Oranje (The Land of Oranje) by Endri Pelita – Indonesia | 2015 – 90 min.

Five Indonesian students, Lintang, Banjar, Wicak, Daus, and Geri, who were friends since they accidentally met at the Amersfoort, Netherlands, went for a trip in Prague. Even though they studied at different cities, Leiden, Utrecht Rotterdam, Wageningen and Den Haag, distance couldn’t tear their friendship apart. They shared joy and sorrow as international students in Europe.
Problems emerged when Lintang realised that her best friends had feelings for her and competed to get her attention. While Lintang’s relationship with Jeroen, a local student, was on the verge of collapse, she secretly hid her feelings to one of her best friends. This friendship story turns into a difficult love story that threatens their friendship.
Meanwhile, Lintang’s feeling towards one of her best friends turned out to be one-sided due to an unanticipated reason. However, behind all these incidents, Lintang finally found an unexpected true love from one of her four best friends.

Hijab by Hanung Bramantyo – Indonesia | 2015 – 100 min.

Four friends join in a business, opening an online shop without their husbands’ knowledge. Unexpectedly, the online shop became successful garnering many customers. To expand the online business, the four friends plan to open a boutique. Problems arise when their husbands find out about their business, which is more successful than their respective careers.

The Sun, the moon and the Hurricane by Andri Cung – Indonesia | 2014 – 101 min.

The journey of Rain, a 32­-year-­old man living in Jakarta told in three chapters in his life. At 19-­year-­old, Rain met Kris, a selfish, possessive and dangerous guy who cared so much for him that he beat a school bully for Rain. A kiss from Kris gave Rain a taste of taboo, making him feel unsafe, but safe. But one day, Kris left and became Rain’s Hurricane. Nine years later, Rain met Will, a free-­spirited prostitute who gave him the warmth of sun in Bangkok. He gave Rain a hope after ‘the Hurricane’. However, Will was a belonging to an older man and for only a brief moment changed Rain’s life. Year 2013, at 32 years old, Rain was a happy, single and more mature person. However, an invitation from Kris and a discovery of Kris’ crumbling marriage with Susan led Rain to the hardest decision in his life.

Nay by Djenar Maesa Ayu – Indonesia | 2015 – 90 min.

Nay, a mid­-30s woman, found herself pregnant. However, her boyfriend, Ben, is a mommy’s boy who didn’t care or even knew what to do to their child. At the same time, Nay got an opportunity to act in a feature film, which further confused her on the decisions that she should make. Moreover, Nay had a dark past during her childhood. Her father left them since Nay’s mother was pregnant with her. And unfortunately, Nay mother’s boyfriend later raped her mother. In a car ride, Nay had to make the most important decision in her life. To be a mother or to abort her baby. To give up to her past or to face it.

Badoet by Awi Suryadi – Indonesia | 2015 – 87 min.

After three children are tragically murdered, a band of college students conducts an investigation on the apartment complex where the murders occured. When evidence against a mysterious clown figure starts to mount, our heroes soon realize that what they are facing is a force that disguises its darkness through laughter -A force so menacing that it will not hesitate to kill to get what it wants…immortality.

Negeri 5 Menara (The Land of Five Towers) by Affandi A.Rachman – Indonesia | 2012 – 114 min.
Alif has never set foot outside of West Sumatra. He spends his childhood searching for fallen durian fruit in the jungle, playing soccer on rice paddies, and swimming in the blue waters of Lake Maninjau. His mother insists he attends a pesantren, an Islamic boarding school, while he dreams of attending public high school in Bandung. As Alif progresses through school he begins to understand the sacrifices made by his parents to pay for his tuition. The school’s Arabic phrase “man jadda wajada” meaning “he who gives his all shall succeed” becomes the phrase Alif lives his life by. Based on the best-­selling novel The Land of Five Towers by Ahmad Fuadi and inspired by a true story.

Schedule & Prices
April 14th – 7:00pm
Filosofi Kopi (Coffee Philosophy) – 117 min
Ticket Price – Adult: $20 | Concession: $18 | ACMI Members: $17

April 15h – 7:00pm
Another Trip To The Moon – 80 min.
Ticket Price – Adult: $18 | Concession: $16 | ACMI Members: $14

April 16th – 7:00pm
Negeri Van Oranje (The Land of Oranje) – 90 min.
Ticket Price – Adult: $18 | Concession: $16 | ACMI Members: $14

April 17th – 7:00pm
Hijab – 100 min.
Ticket Price – Adult: $18 | Concession: $16 | ACMI Members: $14

April 18th – 7:00pm
The Sun, the moon and the Hurricane – 101 min.
Ticket Price – Adult: $18 | Concession: $16 | ACMI Members: $14

April 19th
10:00am Negeri 5 Menara (The Land of Five Towers) – 114 min
Ticket Price – Adult: $10 | Concession: $10 | For every 10 tickets purchased will get 1 additional for free

7:00pm Nay – 90 min.
Ticket Price – Adult: $18 | Concession: $16 | ACMI Members: $14

April 20th
10:00am – Negeri 5 Menara (The Land of Five Towers) – 114 min
Ticket Price – Adult: $10 | Concession: $10 | For every 10 tickets purchased will get 1 additional for free

7:00pm – Badoet – 87 min.
Ticket Price – Adult: $20 | Concession: $18 | ACMI Members: $17

Australian Center for the Moving Image
Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone: +61 3 8663 2200

For more information please follow this link for the official website: Indonesian Film Festival or you can communicate with the festival at info(at)

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