Call for Entry

10th International Festival of Cinema and Formation of Human Rights – Call for Entry 2019


The International Festival of Cinema and Formation of Human Rights (Argentina) is accepting films until July 1st, 2019. Here you can find more information about their call for entry.

About the festival:
CineMigrante is a cinematographic space which attracted more than 54,500 people during its past nine editions, with screenings, meetings and events in order to raise awareness of human rights. The CineMigrante International Film Festival provides a space for exhibiting films and other audiovisual works (for which it might be difficult or impossible to be shown at commercial venues) to include them in the cinematographic and cultural agenda of Argentina. Today, CineMigrante is a cultural space promoting human rights, with an impact not only on Argentina, but on whole Latin America, having showcases in Spain, Italy, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica.

“The aim of the 10th edition of the CineMigrante Festival is to create a space of cinematographic reflexion which allows to share, disseminate, make visible and raise consciousness of life experiences and issues of all those people who inhabit this world and who, in a certain moment and for some reason, decided o leave the place where they were born and migrate; generating instances of recognition in others, a recognition of ‘the otherness’ which allows to strengthen our own identity, contribute to our historic and individual knowledge and reflect in order to redefine ourselves.” – CineMigrante

General Rules:
– The festival accepts films produced in 2016 or later.
– Documentaries, fictions, animated and experimental films are accepted.
– Submissions can be done via digital platforms (FTP, Vimeo, etc) or MoviBeta. Registration forms are online.
– All audiovisual works sent to CineMigrante will become a part of its media library. Material for the media library can be sent all year, there are no deadlines. Material for the media library should be sent by post to the address of CineMigrante.
– Submitted films should be preferably in Spanish or subtitled in Spanish.
– Submission Fee: FREE
– Deadline: July 1st, 2019.

For submitting to the festival and read the full rules and regulations please go to this link:

We remind readers that the 10th International Festival of Cinema and Formation of Human Rights will take place from September 10th – 18th, 2019 in the City of Buenos Aires and many other parts of Argentina, with free admission.

Too see other Call for Entries please follow the next link: “Call For Entries

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