Asian Film Festivals and the Thomasian Film Society Announced Partnership


We are happy to announce our new partner, the Thomasian Film Society, organizers of the Sine Abierto Film Festival in the Philippines.

This week, Asian Film Festivals (AFF) from Argentina and the Thomasian Film Society (TFS) from Philippines signed a Media Partnership that seeks to provide information and opportunities for those interested in the AFF and the TFS activities. The Thomasian Film Society is the organizer of the Sine Abierto, a high school and inter-college film festivals for young filmmakers. This partnership will help to build connection and communication between the organizations in order to promote Filipino films.

Asian Film Festivals will help to promote the Sine Abierto Film Festival throughout the year and will also provide information to filmmakers connected to the Sine Abierto about Call for Entries from different festivals from around the world.

Sebastián Nadilo, owner of AFF commented on the subject: “One of the main reasons why I wanted to partner with the Thomasian Film Society is that we share a common goal: to support, nurture and expose young filmmakers to a wider audience. These young talented filmmakers have a lot to say and it’s important that we give them spaces to show their skills and talent.”

We remind the readers that the Sine Abierto Film Festival will take place in April 23rd – 25th, 2019 at the UST Tan Yan Kee Student Center, AVR (Sampaloc, Manila).


About the Thomasian Film Society:
Thomasian Film Society is the premier film organization of the University of Santo Tomas. It is an exemplary organization which serves as the training ground for aspiring Thomasian filmmakers to discover and hone their skills and unleash their untapped ability in cinematic production. It is an avenue for cineastes to come, gather and share the same interests and varying experiences to show appreciation for the art.

About Asian Film Festivals:
Asian Film Festivals is an Argentinean website dedicated exclusively to Asia festivals. The organization provides readers with the latest news on different events. Stablished three years ago it managed to index over 220 events and made international connections. Filmmakers and Festivals recognize AFF as a serious and reliable source of information.

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