5 Filipino Films that should be on Netflix


We would like to humbly present to Netflix what we consider 5 Filipino Films that should be in the platform. Please Netflix bring them to the world 🙂

Last month Netflix uploaded a huge number of Filipino films, some are really good as we discussed some days ago. But today we want to talk about five films we highly recommend Netflix to upload. We feel they have what it’s needs to attract the global audience. All of them talk about universal topics, they were made with great film quality and cultural value. But what is most important they achieve these qualities without losing their own Filipino essence. These films were screened in local theaters and some traveled around the world getting screened in different Film Festivals.

The first film we want to recommend is Liway by Kip Oebanda, a film that not only broke the box office at the 2018 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival but most important it talks about one of the darkest moments in Filipino history. A necessary film to the new generation to comprehend the severities of Martial Law and crimes that bring along with it. Then we have Patay na si Hesus (Jesus is Dead) by Victor Villanueva, a family road trip movie with a simple story but with deep characters that are portraited by a very talented cast. This film won the Audience Award and the Gender Sensibility Award at the 2016 QCinema International Film Festival. After that we chose Respeto by Treb Monteras II, probably one of the best Filipino films in 2018 What appear to be a simple “rap movie” turns out to be a much deeper movie with a great message and a good critic to the current political turmoil that is happening in the Philippines. This movie won Best Film in Local Festivals (Eddy Awards, Gawad Urian Awards and Cinemalya Independent Film Festival) and was screened in various film festivals around the world. The other movie we want to talk about is Saving Sally by Avid Liongoren, this movie that mix live action and animation took 10 years to make due to some setbacks, but it was worth waiting. The film premiered at the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival and won the Children’s Choice Award. The film then traveled around the world achieving many awards in Belgium, Portugal, United States, Korea, Sweden and Germany. And finally, we want to present Sunday Beauty Queen by Baby Ruth Villarama, a well-crafted documentary that talks about domestic OFW (Oversees Filipino Workers) living in Hong Kong and how harsh are their situations. It was also premiered at the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival and won Children’s Choice Award, Best Picture, Best Director and the Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Award. The film was also screened around the world at Film Festivals. We feel this documentary is necessary not only for the OFW around the world but also for the public in general to understand the burdens and tribulations these people have to suffer to sustain their families.

— After the presentation of each title there is a link for you to send your suggestion to Netflix. So please don’t hesitate to let Netflix know that you want these titles in their platform. —


Liway by Kip Oebanda – Philippines | 2018 – 100 min.

Cast: Glaiza de Castro, Dominic Roco, Kenken Nuyad, Sue Prado, Soliman Cruz, Joel Saracho, Sue Prado, Paolo O’Hara, Ebong Joson, Nico Antonio, Gerry Cornejo, Diana Alferez, Julie Bautista, Pau Benitez, Liway Gabo, She Maala, Renante Bustamante & Madeleine Nicolas.

Dakip is a little boy who lives with his parents – Day and Ric – inside Camp Delgado, a makeshift prison inside a military camp for both rebels and criminals. Day does her best to shelter the child from the harsh realities of their life. She tells stories about an enchantress named Liway, with songs and imagination to help keep her boy from trauma. However, at the tail end of the Martial Law, her own dark past catches up on her and the lives of the detainees become increasingly difficult. She is confronted with the cruel possibility that the best interest of her child means never seeing her again. This is based on a true story. (Cinemalaya)

Film Festival Awards & Recognitions:
2018 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival
– Audience Award
– Special Jury Prize
– Special Jury Commendation
– Balanghai Trophy | Best Film

2019 FAMAS Award
– Nominee for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Glaiza de Castro)
– Nominee for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in Supporting Role (Richard Joson)

(List of Film Festivals screenings soon!)

Follow this film at:

Director: Kip Oebanda
Screenplay: Kip Oebanda & Zig Dulay
Editor: Chuck Gutierrez
Cinematography: Pong Ignacio
Production Design: Aped Santos, PDGP
Original Music: Nhick Pacis
Sound Design: Wildsound
Line Producer: Jed Medrano
Producer: Alemberg Ang
Production Manager: Lucky Jay De Guzman

We recommend reading these reviews:
“’Liway’ is an astounding personal work as it mines its narrative from the memories of Kip Oebanda growing up within the confines of his parents’ prison” by Oggs Cruz for Rappler

““Liway” is a truly good film, but most importantly, it is a significant one, as an ode to Kip Oebanda’s mother, to his childhood, and to the people who have to deal with the consequences of living through Marcos’ dictatorship.” By Panos Kotzathanasis for Asian Movie Pulse

“The film follows the point of view of a boy who has known only the deprivations of captivity and the casual horrors of growing up alongside criminals” by Andrew Paredes for ABS-CBN

“How ‘Liway’ became Cinemalaya’s highest-grossing film ever” by Precious Del Valle for Rappler


Patay na si Hesus

Patay na si Hesus (Jesus is Dead) by Victor Villanueva
Philippines | 2017 – 90 minutes

Cast: Jaclyn Jose (Iyay), Chai Fonacier (Jude), Paul Vincent Viado (Hubert), Mede Montanez (Jay), Angelina Kanapi (Sister Lucy), Olive Nieto (Linda), Sheenly Gener (Mary), Publio Briones (Domeng), Precious Miel Espinosa (Mia), Sadie Enriquez (Hudas).

When Iyay (Jaclyn Jose) learns that Hesus, her ex-husband, has died, she gathers her children and tells them they are going on a road trip from Cebu City to Dumaguete. No ifs or buts about it: they are attending their father’s funeral. Her children – Hubert, who has Down Syndrome; Jude, a lovesick trans man; and Jay, who is living the bum life – join her with varying degrees of reluctance as she drives them in her extra-mini mini-van. One unplanned detour comes after another, each pushing this family closer to confronting the past and figuring out how to enjoy the ride to an uncertain future.

Film Festival Awards & Recognitions:
-2017 FAP Awards (Philippines)
Best Supporting Actress – Chai Fonacier
Nominee for Best Actress – Jaclyn Jose
Nominee for Best Musical Score – Francis de Veyra

– 2016 QCinema International Film Festival
Audience Choice Award
Gender Sensibility Award
Nominee for Best Picture – Circle Competition

2017 Star Awards for Movies
Star Award for Indie Movie Screenwriter of the Year – Fatrick Tabada, Moila Lang
Nominee for Movie Supporting Actress of the Year – Chai Fonacier
Nominee for Indie Movie of the Year
Nominee for Indie Movie Director of the Year
Nominee for Indie Movie Cinematography of the Year
Nominee for Indie Movie Production Designer of the Year
Nominee for Indie Movie Editor of the year
Nominee for Indie Movie Editor of the Year
Nominee for Indie Movie Musical Scorer of the Year
Nominee for Indie Movie Sound Engineer of the Year

– 2017 Young Critics Circle (Philippines)
Nominee for Best Performance by Male or Female, Adult or Child, Individual or Ensemble in Leading or Supporting Role – Jaclyn Jose
Nominee for Best Performance by Male or Female, Adult or Child, Individual or Ensemble in Leading or Supporting Role
Nominee for Best Screenplay
Nominee for Best Achievement in Sound and Aural Orchestration

(List of Film Festivals screenings soon!)

Follow this film at:
Twitter (Director):

Director: Victor Villanueva
Writers: Fatrick Tabada & Moira Lang
Producers: Moira Lang & Bianca Balbuena
Executive Producer: Rex Tiri
Director of Photography: Ruel Antipuesto
Production Designer: Aped Santos
Editor: JD Domingo
Sound: Nicholas Varela, Mark Laccay, and Mikko Quizon
Music: Francis De Veyra
Colorist: John Tan, Aurie Anden
Line Producer: Jill Anoba-Yap

We recommend reading these reviews:
“What makes the film so endearing is how well each character inhabits their characters and their world that the comedic moments happen without any of the actors playing it for comedy.” by Wanggo Gallega for Interaksyon

“This film is a roller coaster ride full of the irreverent and idiotic yet tempered with depth and heart. It is clear why this is an audience favorite. It highlights close family ties that all Filipinos can identify with and consider precious. There are so many small jokes between the big ones, spoken or visual, that usually hit the target, as can be evidenced by the loud laughter of the viewers.” By Fred Hawson for ABS-CBN News

“This is quite honestly one of the funniest Filipino films in recent memory. This road movie… (tells a) genuinely affecting story of what it is that makes a family.” By Phibert Dy for RoguePh



Respeto by Treb Monteras II – Philippines | 2017 – 96 min.

Cast: Abra (Hendrix), Dido de la Paz (Doc), Loonie (Breezy G), Chai Fonacier (Betchai), Kate Alejandrino (Candy), Ybes Bagadiong (Payaso), Brian Arda (Mando), Nor Domingo (Fuentes), Thea Yrastorza (Connie).

Hendrix, an aspiring young rapper from the slums strikes an unlikely friendship with Doc, a poet who has long abandoned his art. They turn to each other trying not to be swallowed by their circumstances.

Film Festival Awards & Recognitions:
International Awards:

-2018 International Film Festival of India, GOA
Centenary Award
Best Debut Feature Film – Treb Monteras II

– 2018 Exground Film Festival (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Jury Prize
Youth Days Category

– 2018 Cyprus Film Days International Festival (Cyprus)
Best Film
Best Director
Audience choice award

– 2018 Carrousel International du film de Rimouski (Quebec, Canada)
Best Youth Feature

– 2018 New York Asian Film Festival
Silver Tiger Uncaged Award for Best Feature Film

– 2018 Asia Pacific Film Festival
Best Supporting Actor – Dido Dela Paz

Local Awards (Philippines)
-Eddy Awards
Best Film
Best Supporting Actress – Chai Fonacier
Best Original Themesong
Best Sound Design- Corrine De San Jose
Best Musical Score – Jay Durias

– 2018 Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS)
Grand Jury Prize
Best Musical Score – Jay Durias

– 2018 Gawad Urian
Best Actor- Abra
Best Supporting Actor – Dido Dela Paz
Best Sound Design – Corrine De San Jose
Best Editing – Lawrence Ang

– 2018 CINEMALAYA Independent Film Festival
Best Picture
NETPAC Jury Prize
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Sound Design
Best Supporting Actor
Audience Choice

Follow this film at:
Twitter (Director):

Director: Alberto Monteras II
Producer: Monster Jimenez
Executive Producers: Thenielle Monteras, Alberto Monteras II,Jet Cornejo, Mae Cornejo
Screenwriters: Njel De Mesa, Alberto Monteras II
Line Producer: Kints Kintana
Cinematographer: Ike Avellana
Production Designer: Popo Diaz
Editor: Lawrence Ang
Sound Designer: Corinne De San Jose
Music: Jay Oliver Durias
Assistant Director: Timmy Harn
Prosthetics: Daniel Palisa

We recommend reading these reviews:
“How ‘Respeto’ became a movie about the war on drugs” – Don Jaucian for CNN Philippines

“What to know about Cinemalaya 2017 Best Film, ‘Respeto’” by Susan Claire Agbayani for Rappler

“The brutal, electrifying beauty of Respeto” by Jessica Cazafra for JessicaRulesTheUniverse

“If “Di Nyo Ba Naririnig” and “Tatsulok” are the protest anthems of 2017, then Treb Monteras II’s film “Respeto” could be considered the emblematic film about the Philippines at this time of rising fascism.” By Tonyo Cruz for Manila Bulletin

“Respeto brings the rap of the streets to the big screen” by Christine Exevea, Madeline Castillo for Bandwagon

“The Philippines seeks a voice and finds a cycle of violence” by Chris Knipp

“Profane yet poetic” By Fred



Saving Sally by Avid Liongoren – Philippines | 2016 – 110 min.

Cast: Rhian Ramos (Sally), Enzo Marcos (Marty) and TJ Trinidad (Nick)

Marty is an aspiring comic-book artist who is secretly in love with his beautiful best friend, Sally, the gadget inventor. Like every love story, there are complications: Sally has abusive monster parents and a literal dick for a boyfriend, while Marty has the innate ability to do nothing about everything despite his vivid fantasies of defending the love of his life from the big bad world.

Film Festival Awards & Recognitions:
– Brussels International Fantastic Film Fest, Belgium:
Jury Special Mention

– Fantasporto Film Fest, Portugal:
Main Competition Jury Prize
Audience Choice Award
Orient Express Honorable Mention

– Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, USA:
Special Jury Award
Audience Choice Award

– Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Korea:
Special Jury Award

– Bentonville Film Festival, USA:
Best Family Film

– Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, Sweden:
Audience Choice Award

– HARD:LINE International Film Festival, Germany:
Audience Choice Award

– MMFFF Metro Manila Film Festival, Philippines:
Children’s Choice Award,
Best Musical Score

– 40th GAWAD URIAN, Philippines:
Best Production Design

– FDCP Film Ambassador Awards, Philippines:
Camera Obscura Award for Artistic Excellence

– Eddy Awards ,Philippines:
Best Theme Song

Follow this film at:

Director: Avid Liongoren
Screenplay Writers: Charlene Sawit-Esguerra, Carlo Ledesma, Mr. Avid Original Short Story: Charlene Sawit-Esguerra
Producers: Mr. Avid, Herve Pennequin, Catherine Jaques, Alain Dela Mata Lead Actors: Rhian Ramos (Sally), Enzo Marcos (Marty), TJ Trinidad (Nick)
Production Companies: Rocketsheep Studio, Mandrake Films, Blue Light
Countries of Production: Philippines, France
Editors: Jether Amar, Jethro Razo, Mr. Avid, Juliette Haubois
Core VFX Team: Mr. Jether, Mr. Jethro, Hermie Cabrito, April Fronda, Joshua Panelo Production Design: Rocketsheep Studio, Romel Laquian, Erik Manalo
Original Score: Pablo Pico Additional
Music: Mikey Amistoso, Diego Mapa, Acel Van Ommen, Gupit
Binata X Sound Design: Joshua Cantillon, Mikko Quizon Cinematographers: Rommel Sales, Odyssey Flores

We recommend reading these reviews:
“It’s a tale of unrequited teenage love terrorised by giant animated monsters in the chaotic streets of Metro Manila.” Heather Chen for “BBC News”

“The film’s animation is really its soul, as it not only sets the light-heartedness of the story and its characters, but also elevate its use of visual comedy a la Edgar Wright or Wes Anderson..” – Joel Anthony Lim for “When In Manila”

“If only for the effort in finding ways to finish the film when almost everything seems to be working against it, Saving Sally is an astounding achievement. Thankfully, the effort matches the product, with the film turning out to be a sweet and lovely confection made indelible by the whirlwind of color and creativity.” – Oggs Cruz for Rappler

“When Avid Liongoren started filming Saving Sally in 2005, his goal, along with writer Charlene Sawit-Esguerra, was to make a film friends would enjoy. He didn’t know it would take his life savings, a whole reshoot, and just about 12 years before he and his team would see it fully come to life.” – Wyatt Ong for Rappler



Sunday Beauty Queen by Baby Ruth Villarama – Philippines | 2016 – 95 min.

Starring: Rudelie Acosta, Cherrie Bretana, Chuck Gutierrez, Mylyn Jacobo, Hazel Perdido, Leo Selomenia, Jack Soo.

Beneath Hong Kong’s glittering facade, Filipinas working as domestic helpers work in relative anonymity and for near slave wages. In a beauty pageant like no other in the world, five helpers give themselves makeovers for a day and gleefully reclaim their dignity. (Busan International Film Festivals)

Film Festival Awards & Recognitions
Elected Festivals
Busan International Film Festival (South Korea)
Metro Manila Film Festival (Philippines)
CinemAsia Film Festival (Netherlands)
Salaya International Documentary Film Festival (Thailand)
San Diego Asian Film Festival Spring Showcase (USA)
Far East Film Festival (Italy)
HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Festival (Canada)
DOK.fest München (Germany)
Taoyuan Film Festival (Taiwan)
Shanghai International Film Festival (China)
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (China)
London Labour Film Festival (UK)

– Metro Manila Film Festival (Philippines)
Best Picture
Best Editing
Kids’ Choice Award
Cultural Award

– 2017 CinemAsia Film Festival (Netherlands)
Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary

– 2017 Gawad Urian (Philippines)
Best Documentary Film

– THE EDDYS: Entertainment Editors’ Awards (Philippines)
Best Documentary Film

– 2017 London Labour Film Festival (United Kingdom)
Best International Documentary Feature

Follow this film at:
Twitter (Director):

Director: Baby Ruth Villarama
Producer: Chuck Gutierrez
Executive Producer: Vincent R. Nebrida, Fernando Ortigas, E.A. Rocha
Music: Nicholai Policarpio Minion, Emerzon Texon
Cinematography: Dexter dela Peña
Edition: Chuck Gutierrez
Sound: Alex Tomboc
Visual Effects: Bryan Adams, Clemente
Colorist: Marilen Magsaysay
Assistant Editor: Pauline Zamora

We recommend reading these reviews:
“Sunday Beauty Queen” is a wonderful testament to the lives of Filipino domestic workers and, through them, manages to build empathy towards immigrants working all over the world, but it´s not restrictive to a particular culture or type of worker” by Leandro E. Seta for Asian Movie Pulse

“An engaging documentary on Filippina overseas workers’ self-empowerment through beauty pageants.” By Maggie Lee for Variety

“Villarama, through the disparate experiences of two women, concocts a poignant narrative of mothers taking care of other people’s children just so they can support their own children so far away from them.” By Oggs Cruz for Rappler



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