Asian Film Festivals and the North Luzon Cinema Guild Inc. Announce Partnership


We proudly announce our new partner the North Luzon Cinema Guild Inc. from the Philippines, organizer of the North Luzon Film Festival.

Today, Asian Film Festivals (AFF) (from Argentina) and the North Luzon Cinema Guild Inc. (from Philippines) announced a Media Partnership that will provide information and opportunities for those interested in the AFF and the North Luzon Cinema Guild film activities. Both organizations aim to build an international connection and communication channel in order to promote Filipino movies.

Asian Film Festivals will help to promote the North Luzon Film Festival and different film activities organized throughout the year by the NLCG. It will also provide information to filmmakers connected to the NLCG about Call for Entries from different festivals. In return the North Luzon Cinema Guild Inc. will provide AFF with the necessary information to continue developing the “Filipino Short Film Database”.


About the North Luzon Cinema Guild Inc.:
The North Luzon Cinema Guild Inc. was established to advocate filmmaking in North Luzon as a medium for artistic expression as well as a platform for societal reflection. The organization believes that film is an extension for communicating life and life experiences in society.

About Asian Film Festivals:
Asian Film Festivals is an Argentinean website dedicated exclusively to Asia festivals. The organization provides readers with the latest news on different events taking place around Asia. Stablished two years ago it managed to index over 220 events and made international connections. Filmmakers and Festivals recognize AFF as a serious and reliable source of information. AFF has also a Media Partnership with the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

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