4 Asian Film Festivals you cannot miss on July (2018)


We present a list of four Festivals you cannot miss this month.


27th Rainbow Reel Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
Date: July 7th – 16th, 2018

We start the month in Tokyo to attend the 27th Rainbow Reel Tokyo – Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. This festival does not screen films only about lesbian and gay people, but through the showing of films about people with different sexual minorities such as transgender, intersexual, and bisexual people, it aims to provide space to create a more diverse and free society, and because there is little opportunity for films about sexual minorities to be shown in major film theaters, it also aims to contribute to creating image culture by introducing these films from both Japan and overseas. The festival first part took place from July 7th – 8th, at the Tokyo Women’s Plaza Hall but this 13th the festival retakes their activities at the Spiral Hall (from July 13th – 16th).

On July 13th the festival starts with the projection of “God’s Own Country” directed by Francis Lee (UK | 2017) and will end with the screening of “Princess Cyd” by Stephen Cone (USA | 2017). One film we recommend you is “Alifu, the Prince/ss” by Wang Yulin (Taiwan | 2017) that will be screened on July 15th (14:10 PM | Spiral Hall).


13th Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival
Busan, South Korea
Date: July 11th – 17th, 2018

Almost at the same time we have the 13th Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival. This unique festival serves as the focal point for the international Kids and Youth network with the film, video, culture involving children and teenagers. Rather than simply watching movies, BIKY aim to learn about generosity and diversity by cultural/cinematic mediation. In today’s modern society where the environment of Kids&Youth media contents become sluggish, BIKY aims to promote diverse films and expand the level of cultural sophistication by providing a variety of films and providing equal opportunity.

This year the Opening Film will be “The End of Dreams” by Mohammad Ali Talebi (Iran | 2017) and the Closing Film will be “Cross my Heart” by Luc Picard (Canada | 2017). Apart from the screening of films this festival has lot of Events such as Workshops, Forums, Workshops for Teachers, and Q&A with Filmmakers.

Festival Trailer:



22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
Bucheon, South Korea
Date: July 12th – 22nd, 2018

Another festival that starts on the same week is the 22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. The BiFan has grown by leaps since 1997 from its birth and became the most representative symbol of Bucheon City known as a mecca of the culture with combination of Animation, Cartoon, Game and Film moving forward to its change and creativity. BiFan has not only got the name of most dynamic film festival that brings together numerous film enthusiast but also evolved into a global fame that deserves the name of place of ‘Fantastic’ filled with fresh energy of sensitivity in the past 21 years.

This year the festival will start their activities with the screening of “Underdog” by Oh Sung-yoon and Lee Choon-baek (Korea | 2018) and the Closing Film will be “Secret Superstar” by Advait Chandan (India | 2017).

Festival Trailer:



15th Skip City International D-Cinema Festival
Saitama, Japan
Date: July 13th – 22nd, 2018

On the 13th we have the beginning of the 15th Skip City International D-Cinema Festival. Since the inception in 2004, the festival has been held annually seeking high quality innovative submissions from all over the world exploring new possibility for digital expression. Thier aim is to discover the next generation of filmmakers and support the development of new kind of audio-visual industry. For the 15th milestone edition, the festival has renewed its competition categories to further serve its goal of becoming a gateway to success for emerging talent. The films will compete in two sections in three categories, the International Competition, the Japanese Film Feature Competition and the Japanese Film Short Competition. This year, they have received 832 submissions from 98 counties and regions, the highest number for the countries of origin.

The festival will open with the screening of “Running Again” directed by Yuya Nakaizumi (Japan | 2018).

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