Call for Entry

10th Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival – Call for Entry 2018


The Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF) is now accepting short films until June 19th, 2018. Here you can find more information about their Call for Entry.

Launched in 2009 as the first festival for extreme-short images and films in Asia, SESIFF(Seoul international Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival) celebrates its 9th edition this year. The festival, whose motto is ‘Anyone can make a film’, is one of the ambitious cultural festival in Korea.

The aim of SESIFF is to make innovative visual culture everyone enjoying and imagining beyond just watch the movie. Cultural trends are changing rapidly as the speed of the changing world. In daily life, short video will provide the opportunity of imagine. We hope you enjoy the moment away from noises, advertisements and duties around us for a while.

General Rules:
– Films must be completed after January 1st, 2017
– Festival accepts any type of genre.
– Films must not be submitted to SESIFF before.
– For Short Film Competition productions must be between 5 – 15 minutes in length. For Extreme-Shorts Competition productions must be less than 5 minutes in length.
– Submission must be done via ShortFilmDepot where the cost to submit is 1 Stamp (3 Euros).
– If the production has no English dialogue films must be subtitled in English.
Submission Fee: FREE (1 stamp in ShortFilmDepot)
– Deadline: June 16th, 2018.

To read more about the Rules and Regulations please follow the next link:

We remind readers that the 10th Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival will take place from September 11th – 16th, 2018 in CGV Yeongdeungpo venue, Seoul (South Korea).

To see other Call for Entries please go to our section “Call for Entries”.

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