Binisaya 2017 – Feature Films Lineup

We present the final lineup for the Binisaya 2017 that take place from September 22nd – 30th, in the city of Cebu (Philippines).


Martes Martes by BINISAYA Film Lab Filmmakers

A seance, a mermaid sighting, girl talk, a burial, an awkward confrontation, a drunken film shoot, and a lover’s quarrel all happen on a Tuesday.



Tu pug Imatuy (The Right to Kill) by Arnel Barbarona – Philippines | 2017 – 90 min.

Based on actual events, Tu Pug Imatuy, which means ¬The right to kill¬ in Manobo, tackles the Manobos‘ struggles against abuse, environment plunder and continuous militarization of their communities. Starring: Jong Monzon, Malona Sulatan, Luis Georlin Banaag III, Jamee Rivera, Jillian Khayle Barbarona, Henyo Ehem, Mentroso Malibatu, Nona Ruth Sarmiento


Baboy Halas (Wailings in the Forest) by Bagane Fiola – Philippines | 2016 – 105 min.

A family of the last forest people of old copes with the unusual changes in their ancient environment, disturbed by the imposing lifestyle and customs of the tribes on the plains.


Forbidden Memory by Gutierrez Mangansakan II – Philippines | 2016

The documentary feature summons remembrances and memories of the 1974 Malisbong Massacre, where 1,000 men were killed while 3,000 women and children were subjected to the horrors of the Martial Law regime. The film documents the atrocities done by the Marcos administration, shedding light on the events surrounding the gruesome massacre.



Alipato: The Very Brief Life of an Ember by Khavn De La Cruz – Philippines | 88 min.

In 2025, a gang of kids – aged between five and fifteen – terrorise the slums of Manila. They have nicknames like Pork Chop, Bull Dog, Snowman, McAbnormal and J. Blo. When this notorious thieving and murdering Kotka gang decides to rob a bank, things go wrong and the leader ends up in jail. When he is released in 2053, the big question is where the booty is. After which this unconventional crime film turns into an equally unconventional whodunnit: Who is the serial killer systematically killing all the gang members? In his characteristically whirlwind style, Khavn uses slo-mo and high-speed images, plenty of wide-angle shots, animation (including stop-motion) and an idiosyncratic mix of humour and grotesque violence. Meanwhile, he evokes an alarming picture of ‘Mondomanila’, where children grow up among the refuse dumps without any sense of morals and a smoking toddler with a pistol in his hand is not an unusual sight.


Swap by Remton Siega Zuasola – Philippines | 2015 – 90 min.

Based on the real life story of the director Remton Siega Zuasola. A young father is torn between solving a crime and committing another crime when one day his only son is kidnapped and the criminals demand him to steal another kid in exchange for the life of his son. Starring Dionne Monsanto, Matt Daclan, Mon Confiado


Patay na si Hesus by Victor Villanueva – Philippines | 2016 – 90 min.

When single mother Iyay learns that her estranged husband has died, she drags her children – Hubert, who has Down Syndrome; Jude, a lovesick transman; and Jay, who is living the bum life – on a road trip from Cebu to Dumaguete to attend the funeral. Starring Jaclyn Jose, Chai Fonacier, Melde Montañez, Vincent Viado. Directed by Victor Villanueva


Salvage by Sherad Anthony Sanchez – Philippines | 2015 – 100 min.

A found footage horror film, Salvage is a film about a suspended TV news team redirected to an unwanted assignment covering news about Aswang rumors in Central Mindanao. They follow their lead towards a remote barrio where it is said to have started it all. They get lost along the way and ended up being abducted by a group of armed men in military. As they find their way out, they met a series of events questioning the real identity of their abductors and experiencing the vast definition of the word ¬salvage¬. Starring: Jessie Mendiola,JC De Vera, Joel Saracho,Karl Medina,Barbie Capacio


Sunday Beauty Queen by Babyruth Villarama – Philippines

The real heroes of our country! See this very heartwarming trailer of Sunday Beauty Queen by Babyruth Villarama-Gutierrez. Coming to our screens very soon! Kung meron kang kamag-anak na OFW, ito na ang oras para magpasalamat sa kanila. Tag them and share the love. We want to hear your stories!



Baboyngirongbuang by Keith Deligero – Philippines

Gerald and Clifford are best friends who will be riding the Ferris wheel for the first time; it will be their last chance since both will be going separate ways after graduation. This will be the most important weekend of their teenage lives; choices will be made to overcome peer pressure, homework and household chores. The story happens in the mid 90’s a few years after the mining company in their town suspends its operation. The metal that brought them together could tear them apart.


Kordero Sa Dios by Keith Deligero – Philippines

This is the life of Divino Maligalig as he walks through the valley of the shadow of death


Sonata Maria by Bagane Fiola – Philippines

Sonata Maria is a film about a young man who has tremendous difficulty expressing his deepest emotions and has created an alternate reality within which he is able to vent out all his frustrations. It is a moving story of loss, madness and redemption, which, I believe, reflects struggles that exist in all of us. Set in a modern day contemporary landscape, and adapting a surrealist vibe.


Superpsychocebu by Christian Linaban – Philippines

A young man is on a quest to find a mythical strain of cannabis called the SUPERPSYCHOCEBU. Along the way, he meets characters that appear to have lost their minds after trying it, one of them even possessed by the Devil, at which point he starts questioning whether he’s in for some good weed or just one hell of a bad trip.



Aberya by Christian Linaban – Philippines | 2012 – 109 min.

The film revolves around 4 individuals, each with an agenda of their own: An egomaniac Fil-Am boxer (Devaughn) on a pleasure trip, a prostitute from Luzon (Cabral) out to accomplish a mission, a local drug dealer (Varela) experimenting with time travel and a social climber from Mindanao (Moto) caught up in a scandal. Starring Will Devaughn, Mercedes Cabral, Nicholas Varela, and Iwa Moto.


Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria (The Dream of Eleuteria) by Remton Siega Zuasola – Philippines | 2010 – 90 min.

While employing the one long shot technique, the film tells the story of a young woman named Terya who lives in a poor Philippine fishing village. She is about to board a plane to marry an old German man she has never met, to settle her family‘s debts. Starring Donna Gimeno.


Confessional by Jerrold Tarog, Ruel Antipuesto – Philippines | 2007 – 90 min.

A documentary filmmaker from Manila sets out to cover the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, but gets in over his head when he meets a retired, corrupt politician who is ready to tell all. Starring Jerrold Tarog, Publio Briones III, International premiere: 10th Osian Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema in
New Delhi, India.


Di ingon ‘nato (Not Like Us) by Brandon Relucio, Ivan Zaldarriaga – Philippines | 2011 – 99 min.

Life in a remote village in the Visayas turns upside down when villagers are stricken by an unknown disease. As the village chief and doctor try to control the situation, they discover that the dead are rising from their graves. Starring Franco Reyes, Mercedes Cabral, and Rez Cortes.


Iskalawags by Keith Deligero – Philippines | 2013 – 77 min.

One day, in the small peaceful town of Barrio Malinawon, seven young punks, who call themselves the Iskalawags because of their shared love for Filipino action movies (particularly those starred by their idol Jeric Raval), decide to set out on a mini quest to find the tree that according to Palot—the gang‘s de facto leader—bears the lone papaya fruit as large as the belly of Intoy‘s father.


Lily by Keith Deligero – Philippines | 2016 – 93 min.

Stories abound in Cebu about Lily – a woman rumored to be an “aswang”. But behind the myths is a story of a mother who, hurt and abandoned by her own husband, is now seeking revenge. Starring Shaina Magdayao, Rocky Salumbides and Natileigh Sitoy.


Miss Bulalacao by Ara Chawdhury – Philippines | 2015 – 91 min.

The film narrates how a formerly quiet barrio, Punta de Bulalacao, Isla de Panamao is sent into a frenzy by the news of a gay boy‘s pregnancy. Starring: Russ Ligtas, Chai Fonacier, Tessie Tomas, Mon Confiado, Nanette Inventor.


My Paranormal Romance by Victor Villanueva – Philippines | 2011 – 110 min.

A young girl who dreams of getting into the toughest university in the country finds herself the unwilling recipient of supernatural powers, which make her question her scientific approach to everything in her life. Starring Phoebe Kaye Fernandez and Van Roxas and Paul Jake Castillo.


Soap Opera by Remton Siega Zuasola – Philippines | 2014 – 103 min.

Desperately finding ways to support their sickly child, Noel and Liza welcomes a new addition to their family, the unwitting Ben, a rich foreigner who is hoping to build a family of his own. Together, they play the game of deceit and make believe but the truth is far from being hidden as the daily soap operas vividly mirror what they have been hiding all along. Starring Natileigh Sitoy and Matt Daclan.


2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten by Petersen Vargas – Philippines | 2016 – 95 min.

The coming-of-age film narrates the relationship Felix Salonga, a friendless achiever, has developed with half-American brothers Magnus and Maxim Synder. As the story progresses, Felix finds himself drawn toward them, realizing he‘s starting to reveal desires he has never come face to face before. Starring Khalil Ramos, Ethan Salvador and Jameson Blake


For the Short Films please visit the OFICIAL WEBSITE of the Binisaya

For the schedule please visit the next link: FULL SCHEDULE

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