Winners of the Kaohsiung International Short Film Competition 2016


We present the winners of the Kaohsiung International Short Film Competition that took place from October 21st – November 6th, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Kaohsiung Award

electric-manElectric Man by Alvaro Muñoz – Chile | 2016 – 18 min.

After the energy crisis caused global warming, a new office in the remote desert town of Domeyko arises. The electric man who lives with his ill mother generates electricity to its neighbors by riding his bicycle.

Fantasy Fireball Award

timecodeTimecode by Juanjo Giménez Peña – Spain | 2016 – 15 min.

Luna (day shift) and Diego (night shift) are parking lot security guards whose isolated lives cross only during their shift change, leading to a unique method of connection.

Green S.O.S Award

the-beastThe Beast by Miroslav Sikavica – Croatia | 2016 – 14 min.

A rashly accepted job at a construction site in a coastal resort becomes a pain in the neck of a backhoe loader operator from the hinterland. To finish the dirty demolition work, he needs to remove an unwanted witness.

Animation Award

in-the-distanceIn the Distance by Florian Grolig – Germany | 2015 – 8 min.

It’s calm and peaceful above the clouds. But in the distance is war, and night by night, chaos advances.

Taiwan Award

arnieArnie by Rina B. Tsou – Taiwan | 2016 – 24 min.

A lone Philippine fisher now works in Taiwan. In his room on their boat, a flier of a white, big house on the wall is the only reason of all this hard working, but his life is going to be changed after tonight…

Taiwan Student Award

coin-boyCoin Boy by Chuan-Yang Li – Taiwan | 2016 – 24 min.

A boy brings many 10 dollar coins given by his father to pay the fee of his school camp campaign, but his teacher asks him to exchange all his coins into cashes, or he cannot attend the camp. This is a short film based on a child’s aspect.

Best Selection

letter-69Letter #69 by Hsin-I Lin – Taiwan | 2016 – 19 min.

In the White Terror period in Taiwan, Shui-Huan SHI was imprisoned for hiding her brother, and was soon executed later. In the prison, she wrote 69 letters for her family. Simulating the life in the prison, this film silently criticizes the history.


Three Wheels by Kavich Neang – Cambodia, France | 2015 – 20 min.

On a lonely night, a tuk-tuk driver meets a woman who reminds him of his former lover before Khmer Rouge period. When he comes home and confesses to his wife that he wants to move, she has one last request.


Lila by Dominika Lapka – Poland | 2015 – 24 min.

Joszek is six years old. His cousin, Lila, comes to stay… for good. The children compete over who will sleep with Mummy. What is a child who yearns to nestle in their mother’s embrace again capable to do?


Cold Coffee by Francois Leroy and Stéphanie Lansaque – France | 2015 – 15 min.

After the death of her mother, a young girl is forced to abandon her studies to take over the family cafe. Facing a radical change of life, loneliness and grief, she gradually loses her bearings.


Beast! By Pieter Coudyzer – Belgium | 2016 – 19 min.

The life of a scruffy, banished homeless man is enlightened by the arrival of a very unexpected visitor. A journey that doesn’t even have a start; a tragedy of forbidden friendship.

Online Audience Award

Anchorage ProhibitedAnchorage Prohibited by Wei-Liang Chiang – Taiwan | 2015 – 16 min.

Two labor immigrants lacking financial means try to settle on the island ofTaiwan.They always keep their child with them. However, facing the difficulties, they have to sell their child in order to save themselves.

To know more about this festival please visit the FESTIVAL PROFILE or go to the official webpage HERE.

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