Winners of the All Lights India International Film Festival 2016


We present the winners of the 2nd All Lights India International Film Festival that took place from September 24th – 27th, in Hyderabad, India.

Film Critics Circle of India Award
Best Indian Movie

violin-playerViolin Player by Bauddhayan Mukherji – India | 2015 – 72 min.

The Violin Player is the story of one day in the life of a Bollywood session violinist who finds expression in an unlikely place. The day unfolds to reveal startling truths about music, art, life and survival.


Best Student Short Film

chaverChaver by Abhilash Vijayan – India | 2015 – 25 min.

Late 18th century, Malabar province at the southern part of Indian peninsula is divided into small countries fighting with each other. Two boys are trained in martial art for a suicidal mission to avenge their country by killing the enemy king in an open challenge. Things change when one of them starts asking questions.

Honorable Mention

valentinaValentina by Max Kidd – Germany | 2016 – 11 min.

Germany 1944 during World War II: The ukrainian forced labor Valentina escapes out of the labor education Camp next to the small german village Langenzenn. Rescued by Martin and his parents she is hidden in their barn. An acid test for Martin, his family and the solidarity of the whole village.

Best Documentary Film

the-great-transmissionThe Great Transmission by Pema Gellek – US | 2016 – 56 min.

Imagine that you are one of a handful of survivors of a disaster that has virtually erased your culture. Now you must recover the knowledge that was lost and find ways to ensure that it continues into the future. Witnessing the disintegration of his heritage, Tibetan refugee and Buddhist lama Tarthang Tulku dedicated his life to restoring a text tradition that was nearly lost during the turbulence of the 20th century. Working with a handful of volunteers, he would eventually deliver over four and a quarter million books into Tibetan hands, in one of the largest free book distributions in history. The Great Transmission is the story of one Tibetan refugee lama and his efforts to preserve the sacred texts of his tradition. But more than that, it is the story of the epic journey of a precious inheritance of human knowledge from its origins in Ancient India to the present day, and the celebration of the valiant efforts of those devoted to its survival.

Honorable Mention

vanishing-islandVanishing Island by D.Dhanasumod – India | 2016 – 30 min.

Vanishing island is a Film documentary based on environmental hazard happening in an Island called Monroe, Kollam District, in Kerala, India.


Smajl by Philipp Majer – Germany | 2015 – 45 min.

In 1970, Kosovar Albanian Ismajl »Smajl« Hoxhaj only came to Germany to buy a tape recorder. But it is only now — more than 40 years later — that he left Germany to go back to Kosovo as a pensioner. In the meantime, he has bought many tape recorders, started a family and, as a political activist, fought passionately for the independence of Kosovo far from his actual home.
The documentary tells the story of Smajl.
 A story of homesickness and home, of conflicts with his children and the dream of a patriot.
It is the story of a migrant worker in Germany

Special Mention – Best Educational Film

takeoverTake Over by Jennifer Alphonse – India | 2015 – 63 min.

Cinema one of the greatest Art forms of our time…providing popular entertainment is the preeminent forum for ideas and self-expression. Since the time of its invention late 1880s, Cinema has used moving images to create amazing works. Movies have helped us share our experiences and dreams. Photochemical film has been the exclusive format used to capture, develop, project, and store moving images for over 100 years. But Over the past two decades, a new form of Digital filmmaking has emerged, creating a ground breaking evolution in the medium… a total transformation from Analogue to Digital. Indian Cinema especially has seen a tremendous change in Filmmaking process. More and more movies are either partly or entirely digital constructions that are created with computers and eventually retrieved from drives at our local multiplex or streamed to the large and small screens of our choice.

Best Debut Director’s Film

1st-sem1st Sem by Dexter Paglinawan Hemedez & Allan Michael Ibanez
Philippines | 2016 – 103 min.

When a child leaves home for college, the milestone leads to a struggle between giving in to homesickness or choosing a good education and a better future. Sixteen-year-old Maru Marasigan chooses to give in and goes home to be with his mother, Precy. But instead of strengthening their relationship, the decision finds both mother and son drifting apart.

Honorable Mention

1st-semMs. LotLot de Leon for her Excellent performance as Mother in 1st Sem
Philippines | 2016 – 103 min.

NETPAC Award for Best Asian Cinema

houraHoura by Gholamreza Sagharchiyan – Iran | 2016 – 89 min.

A teenager named Hadi lives in a small garden with his family in the surroundings of the desert. The garden is drying up as its water way has been destroyed by the railway expansion project. Hadi attempts to preserve the only memory his mother has left behind. He hopes that his younger sister, Houra, who has become ill and refuses to talk after their mother’s death, will recover soon.

Best Short Film

The School by Shiva Kumar – India | 2016 – 15 min.

RAMUDU is a 40years old guy. He earns hardly 50rs per day by patching up the cycle tyres which is very difficult to survive. He is not happy with his life. He consistently feels he would have had a good & comfortable life if he would have concentrated on education and his father´s words. So he is so keen about his children’s education. But his elder son seems poor in studies. On a rainy day. In an altercation, one of his cycle shop customers humiliates him about his life. On returning to the house, the school headmaster complaints about his elder son´s poor performance in all the subjects except science. When he comes to house, the elder one seems playing outside the house in dark. He gets frustrated & exposes his anger over his son. The night ends with disappointment. In the following early morning, he feels wonder about the light in his house while the entire village is facing power cutoff. Then he get to know that this is because of his elder son’s brilliance in generating the electricity through wind and scrap of cycle parts and with some other minimalistic resources.

Honorable Mention

Senior TeacherSenior Teacher by Sha Mo – China | 2015 – 24 min.

Mr.Hu, who has long been recognised as the Most Outstanding Teacher by his colleagues and students, gets into trouble recently. In his class one day, he punishes a naughty girl, Sharon, by hitting her on her face with a book, which unexpectedly causes Xiao Lan passing out. When reviving, Sharon says that she cannot hear anything. Her parents claim that they will never forgive Mr.Hu. The school gets in a dilemma. His colleagues and even family are growing away from him. However, Mr.Hu insists that he will never hit a girl so hard to make her deaf. Realising that his life is sinking into a mess, Mr.Hu determines to prove his innocence with every effort.


Cancer 71 by Abhishek Talukder – India | 2016 – 24 min.

Cancer 71 is a film which does not wish to plot a structured development of events, instead, it wishes to offer a counternarrative marked by the historical, social, and personal predicament. Here, the tension between individual crisis and the forces of history is attempted to capture against the flux of time, where politics of female body plays an important part. It aims to develop a direct image of time that would present the dialectic of historical factuality and material reality through the ritualistic movements of memories and real life recollections of an individual whose conscious plane often moves to a different high due to posttraumatic disorder. The history of human being is of the class struggle and war. Violence is a recurrent theme in all the ages, and sometimes, the degree of violence and atrocity shock the individual to an unfathomable depth. Surprisingly, female body has been an important pawn in the power play. Physical and sexual violence against women in war is a common phenomenon, and the victimized female body, one the one hand, bears the testimony of domination by the victorious, and on the other hand, shatters the morale and backbone of the conquered. Moreover, in the subcontinent, female body is quite often linked with nationalism, which is why the masters of war target it to destroy the nation’s pride. Bangladesh Liberation war is a good example of that.

Best Indywood Panorama Movie

pathemariPathemari by Salim Ahmed – India | 2015 – 118 min.

The Film explores the 50-year-long history of immigration of people from South Indian state of Kerala to the Gulf countries.

Best Feature Film

niseNise: The Heart of Madness by Roberto Berliner – Brazil | 2015 – 108 min.

After being released from prison, Dr. Nise da Silveira is back at work in a psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Rio de Janeirom where she refuses to employ the new and violent electroshock in the treatment of schizophrenics. Ridiculed by doctors, she is forced to take on the abandoned Sector for Occupational Therapy, where she would start a revolution through paintings, animals and love.

Honorable Mention

lautLaut by Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio – Philippines | 2016 – 84 min.

On the night of her younger sister Nasha’s wedding, Nadia could not hide her fear for her reflecting on the life she is having with her husband Adil. Nadia a young bride herself, had taken the role of a mother, daughter and a sister to Adil’s family, Mumina, the ailing grandmother, Parinda, the mother who’s focus is on her non-tribesman lover rather than the younger children Izza and Aziz. Knowing this, Nadia secured her sister’s escape by keeping her dowry safe only to find out that Adil had spent it. Nadia witnessed that beyond their culture of dowry, love also exists through the lives of her friends Kadapi, a gay who is so cherished by his husband Migoy and Shana’a also a young bride-to-be of Baraq who is hopeful of turning their life together into something more than just ordinary. Tragedy loomed around Nadia when Aziz died and her sister came home from a failed marriage. Nadia soon realized that it is not only Nasha who needs to pay for her freedom but also herself. However, the film does not only depict the life of Nadia and her plight as a young bride but also exposes the life of the village uprooted from the seas of Zamboanga to the lahar desserts of Pampanga but which is seemed to be untouched by time and modernization preserving them of a tradition that society regards as barbaric and disdainful such as unknown birthdays, marriage driven by menstruation and dowry, undignified burial and indifference to subhuman existence.



Metamorphosis (Roopantharam) by M.B. Padmakumar – India | 2015 – 96 min.

Eyes are only mere instruments, experiences stored in the mind results in seeing them.


People Choice Award

shankachilShankachil by Goutam Gose – India | 2016 – 135 min.

This consequences of partition is felt when the daughter of schoolteacher is seriously ill at a border side village in modern Bangladesh

To know more about this festival please visit the FESTIVAL PROFILE or go to the official webpage of the festival HERE.

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