Winners of the Shanghai International Film Festival 2016


We present the winners of the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival that took place from June 11th – 19th (2016), in Shanghai, China.

Golden Goblet Awards
Best Feature Film

de-lanDe Lan by Liu Jie – China | 2015 – 90 min.

On his trip to the village, Wong meets a Tibetan girl, De Lan. He later finds that De Lan is married to Rigchin. One day, a young Tibetan man arrives with a woman, and De Lan starts crying. How many lovers does De Lan have? When Rigchin hints Wong that he doesn’t mind he joining them, Wong is lost… (IMDB)


Jury Grand Prix

see-you-in-texasSee you in Texas by Vito Palmieri – Italy | 2016 – 80 min.

Silvia and Andrea lead a quiet life in Roncone, managing their farm and going out with their friends. Anyway, Silvia has a passion that could interrupt this routine: the reining, an equestrian discipline in which she could become really good if she accepts to go six months in the United States to train with the best trainers. Here is her doubt: her relationship with Andrea will last? (


Best Director

flower-of-evilAntti Jokinen for Flowers of Evil – Finland | 2016 – 105 min.

Two young brothers struggle with life on a powder keg housing estate. One chooses punk rock and education, the other crime and confrontation. Caught in the middle and torn both ways, their father tries to hold the family together. But miscalculated actions and police overreaction light the fuse and a typically long, hot, Finnish summer explodes as frustration and despair finally boil over. (


Best Documentary Award

when-two-worlds-collideWhen Two Worlds Collide by Heidi Brandenburg, Mathew Orzel
Peru, UK | 2016 – 103 min.

The film situates itself directly in the line of fire between two powerful Peruvian leaders who are fighting over the future of the country. When president Alan Garcia attempts to extract oil and minerals from untouched Amazonian land with the hopes of elevating his country’s economic prosperity, he is met with a fierce, violent opposition led by indigenous leader Alberto Pizango. This leads to a conflict that quickly escalates from a heated war of words to one of deadly violence.


Best Animation Award

molly-monstersMolly Monster by Ted Sieger, Michael Ekblad, Matthias Bruhn
Germany, Sweden, Switzerland | 2016 – 72 min.

Molly Monster is experiencing something new. She is no longer the centre of attention in her family. The focus has now become the egg, which Mama has laid and Papa is hatching. Little Molly’s parents have absolutely no time left for her. In Monsterland parents bring the eggs to the island to hatch them. Molly, however, must stay at home in her uncle’s care. What’s more, Molly has knitted a lovely hat for the new Monster baby and now her parents have forgotten it at home. Molly thus sets out on the long and difficult journey to the egg island. (


Best Actress

the-projectsNaomi Fujiyama for her role in The Projects (Junji Sakamoto) – Japan | 2016 – 103 min.

Whether it’s someone mixing burnables and recyclables or noise from a neighbor’s domestic spat, there’s always something occupying the residents of a housing project in the suburbs of Osaka. However Hinako (Naomi Fujiyama) and Seiji (Ittoku Kishibe) couldn’t care less. Having moved in just six months ago after the closure of their herbal medicine shop, the old couple is reluctantly putting their life back together. But when Seiji disappears, the apartment rumor mill churns: divorce, murder, dismemberment? As the story spins out of control, and a mysterious man with a parasol puts in a tall order of natural remedies, the truth turns out to be even more fantastic than gossip. Ranging from incisive comedy of errors to absurdist adventure to moving late life romance, The Projects is one of the biggest surprises of the year. (


Best Actor

cock-and-bullLiu Ye for his role in Cock and Bull (Cao Baoping) – China | 2016 – 113 min.

Suspected of murder, a small-town mechanic uncovers a series of disturbing facts while trying to exonerate himself. (IMDB)


Best Screenplay

hannahAndreas Gruber for Hanna’s Sleeping Dogs (Andreas Gruber)
Germany, Australia | 2016 – 124 min.

Nine-year-old Johanna grows up in the Austrian provincial town Wels as a good Catholic girl in the late 60’s. When her blind grandmother Ruth tells her the secret about their Jewish past, the “sleeping dogs” of the family history awake. But unlike her traumatized mother Katharina, she doesn’t want to hide. Instead, she wants to be proud. Johanna becomes Hanna. (


Best Cinematography

soul-on-a-stringSoul on a String by Zhang Yang – China | 2016 – 142 min.

Tabei has led a hard life of violence and murder. One day, he sees a deer swallowing a holy relic and decides to kill it in order to take the treasure. However, lightning suddenly strikes and kills him. A living Buddha brings his soul back to the land of the living and tells him to cleanse himself by taking the relic to the Lotus Master’s home, the Palm Print Land on the snow-capped mountain of Kelong. On his way, Tabei meets the beautiful Chung and spends the night with her. They leave on a long journey with a mysterious little boy. Just behind them, two brothers, seeking vengeance for their murdered father, are in close pursuit. When Tabei finally reaches the snow-capped mountain to return the relic, the two brothers catch up to him.

Adapted from the 1987 novel by Tibetan writer Tashi Dawa, Soul on a String is a tale about the life and legend of a Tibetan man and his sins as well as karmic justice and redemption. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful snow-swept Tibetan landscape, the film was directed by Zhang Yang. (KANG Naeyoung BIFF Catalogue 2016)


Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award

HamogHamog (Haze) by Ralston Jover – Philippines | 2015 – 92 min.

In the Philippines, street kids are called batang hamog, literally, children of the dew. Deprived of a happy childhood in a loving family, they resort to petty theft on highways just to scrape by. The film focuses on four of such kids. One is kidnapped after a foiled theft, and another gets run over by a car. The remaining two will stop at nothing to survive.


Asian New Talent Awards
Best Film Award

ee3f9-thithiThithi by Raam Reddy – India | 2015 – 123 min.

When Century Gowda – having earned the name for passing the 100-year mark – dies, respectful plans are made for his funeral and 11-day memorial, or ‘thithi’. But other plans are underway too. Century’s grandson Thamanna plots to sell off the family land to make a quick buck, but discovers that the land now belongs to his father Gadappa, whose sole interests are booze and cigarettes. Meanwhile Abhi, the youngest of the clan, tries to seduce an attractive shepherdess. Quite unlike the Indian cinema we’re accustomed to, Thithi is a cleverly written and comical look at desire, materialism and freedom, featuring fantastic performances from a mostly non-professional cast.


Best Director Award

lost-daughterChen Yujie for Lost Daughter – Taiwan | 2016 – 85 min.

Lost Daughter shows how a family relationship based on competition and possession can cause tragedy: it tells a desperate growth story accompanied by sacrifice and wound. In this film, the family members born from the same father are in competition, which prevents them from sharing anything at the same time. After a death and farewell, the father attempts to reconcile with his daughter, who does the same with her sister, but it is too late. Maybe a family is based on the sense of possession and doesn’t allow its members to reach each other until it is dismantled. The father tries to stop the family from collapsing without knowing the cause of it despite his position as father. The family here is obliged, or perhaps destined,to be dismantled. Dismantlement of a family, after all, is the course of realizing that its members must stop longing for the attention and affection of the father. Lost Daughter in this sense is a story of Shin, who is no longer a daughter to her father. (CHAI Heesuk – BIFF Catalogue 2016)

Best Screenplay Award

ee3f9-thithiEregowda & Raam Reddy for Thithi (Raam Reddy) – India | 2015 – 123 min.

Best Cinematographer

the-island-funeralPhuttiphong Arronpheng for The Island Funeral (Pimpaka Towira)
Thailand | 2015 – 105 min.

A story like a realistic dream by a filmmaker genuinely involved with the problems of her politically divided country, a country that is a tourist paradise but also on the brink of civil war. The protagonist is Laila, a young woman who travels from Bangkok for family reasons to the deep south of the province of Pattani. She does not go on her own, but with her brother and a friend. On the way, they pick up a soldier. Pattani is torn by a rebellion that has been dragging on for years and has cost thousands of lives. (IFFR Catalogue 2016)


Best Actress

pleasure-loveYi Sun for her role in Pleasure. Love (Yao Huang) – China | 2016

A male and a female, both in their forties, still live in the memories about their lovers and cherish the feelings when they were younger. Meanwhile, each of them visits the place and both find the lovers who are in twenties. (IMDB)


Best Actor

nirvanaYong Qin for his role in Nirvana (Xie Xiaodong) – China | 2016 – 113 min.

FANG He-ping was a rock singer when he was young twenty years ago. He is now working as a driver for hire working at night. He is busy in daily life just like any middle age man, a dust on the earth. All his dreams have long gone. His life was broken into pieces by an unexpected incident. In order to open a restaurant, FANG mortgaged his house to successfully borrowed a loan from the pawn line, and it was seemed that everything went well. By accident, he suddenly find that a singing competition, who is the hero. His previous band mate Da-yong was the judge of this competition, and a player HUANG Yi-bing sings amazing, attracting his attention, but the guitar level is far from satisfactory. Da-yong and He-ping happened to meet, they drank together and recalling the past time. In the conversation, Da-yong advised him to come his program as a judge, even though FANG He-ping refused, this suggestion still left a slight impression in his heart. However, something terrible occurred, He-ping was dropped into despair. He has no choice but trying to go back on stage again. However, things are starting getting worse… (SIFF Catalogue 2016)


Jackie Chan Action Movie Awards
Best Action Movie Award

ipman3Ip Man 3 by Wilson Yip – Hong Kong | 2015 – 110 min.

When a band of brutal gangsters led by a crooked property developer make a play to take over a local school, Master Ip is forced to take a stand.


Best Action Movie Director Award

ipman3Wilson Yip for Ip Man 3 – Hong Kong | 2015 – 110 min.

Best Action Choreographer Award

POINT BREAKJon DeVore for his work in Point Break (Ericson Core) – United States | 2015 – 114 min.

A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated corporate heists.


Best Action Movie Actor Award

no-escapeOwen Wilson for his work No Escape (John Erick Dowdle)
United States | 2015 – 103 min.

In their new overseas home, an American family soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape from an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed.


Best Action Movie Actress

forafewbulletsZhang Jingchu for her work in For a Few Bullets (Anzi Pan)
China | 2016 – 90 min.

A con man and a Chinese government agent each have their own reasons for trying to recover a historical artifact from agents of Japan.


Best Action Movie New Performer

chasingHan Sang-hyuk for his work in Chasing (Oh In-cheon)
South Korea | 2016 – 96 min.

One night, Seung-Joo loses his cellphone to four male high-school students and Jung-Taek loses his gun to the same high-school students. The cellphone and gun are very valuable to Seung-Joo and Jung-Taek. The two men must get their items back from the high school students.


Best Special Effects

POINT BREAKJeb Corliss for his work in Point Break (Ericson Core) – United States | 2015 – 114 min.

Best Fight

ipman3Ip Man 3 by Wilson Yip – Hong Kong | 2015 – 110 min.

To know more about this festival please visit the FESTIVAL PROFILE or go to the official webpage of the festival HERE.

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