Film Festival

Winners of the Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival 2016


We present the list of winners of the Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival (HRHDIFF) that took place from June 14th – 19th in Yangon (Myanmar).

Aung San Suu Kyi Award

Vein by Ko Jet, Htet Aung San & Phyo Zayar Kyaw – Myanmar | 2016 – 45 min.

A part of one of the biggest corruption sites in Myanmar.


Behemoth by Liang Zhao – China, France | 2015 – 90 min.

Behemoth is a biblical monster, the beast of an invincible country. Today, the beast could be seen as man himself, raping the earth to obtain its wealth. He is unaware that the destruction of the land is far from over. The beast eventually begins to devour itself. This film operates as a cinematic parable, training its focus on Chinese mines, with their giant machines, noise, dirt, destroyed nature, sick and dying miners. It leads to a newly built city, where nobody lives. The allegory relies on the power of images and words from Dante’s Divine Comedy, the inspiration for the filmmakers.

Min Ko Naing Award

The Mask

The Mask by Nay Min Tin – Myanmar | 2016 – 5 min.

This short film ponders on the fanciful and intriguing human nature.

March 13 Award

My life I don’t want by Nyan Kyal Say – Myanmar | 2016 – 10 min.

My Life I Don’t Want A short animated film about the life of a Myanmar girl inspired by true events.

Hantharwady U Win Tin Award

Vein by Ko Jet, Htet Aung San & Phyo Zayar Kyaw – Myanmar | 2016 – 45 min.

Vaclav Havel Library Award

A peaceful
A Peaceful Land by Sai Kong Kham & Lamin Oo – Myanmar | 2016 – 21 min.

In 2005, Myanmar government started a nation-wide campaign to plant Physic Nut – a toxic bush-like tree – for biodiesel production. It was considered “a national duty” to grow these trees. The country was to plant eight million acres within three years. This radical program resulted in land confiscations and forced labor all over the country. Faced with these hardship and injustice, four courageous farmers from Nat Mauk (Magway Division) stood up against the authorities and fought for their rights and their land.

Peter Wintonick Award

Missing Footprint by Mary, Pyae Shine Ko & Min Thina – Myanmar | 2016 – 25 min.

About a veteran who sacrificed a leg for his country.

Gender Equality Award

Woman with
Woman with a Gun by Mary & Yu Par Mo MO – Myanmar | 2016 – 20 min.

About a tough ethnic Rawan woman in Putao region.

VOA Award

Lovely Bone
Lovely Bone by Nwaye Zar Che Soe – Myanmar | 2015 – 17 min.

The documentary which will highlight the struggles and surroundings faced by a disabled bread-winner from the rural area, the supports of his wife, the attitudes towards their disabled father by the children who have no right to choose parents as well as the strong bonds of attachment in the family.

To find more information about this festival visit the Festival Profile here: Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival

For more information about the festival please visit the official website: HRHDIFF Website

AFF would like to remember readers that the Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival is part of our partnership program (See all partners). We want to thank them for their support and wish you guys have a great edition.

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