Women Make Waves International Film Festival Taiwan

Place: Taipei, Taiwan
Website: http://www.wmw.org.tw/en
Facebook: @wmwff
Twitter: –
Instagram: @wmwff

Established as a non-profit organization in 1993, Women Make Waves Int’l Film Festival, (Taipei, Taiwan) has been one of the major film festivals in Taiwan and has established itself as the biggest one dedicated to supporting female talents. It is also the longest running and largest issue-oriented film festival in Taiwan. Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan aims to celebrate the achievements of outstanding female talents, to explore different aspects of women’s lives as well as to promote equality and rights of all genders. By covering a wide range of genres, issues, and representations of women, WMWIFF seeks to promote great cinematic arts by female directors and to advocate gender equality through films with feminist consciousness and various subjects.


01/08/2021 – 28th Women Make Waves Film Festival – Call for Entry 2021 | Call for Entry

01/18/2019 – 26th Women Make Waves Film Festival – Call for Entry 2019 | Call for Entry

03/07/2018 – 25th Women Makes Waves International Film Festival – Call for Entry 2018 | Call for Entry

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