16th Seoul International Senior Film Festival – Opening Film 2023

The Last Bus directed by Gillies MacKinnon will open the Seoul International Senior Film Festival which will take place from May 11 – 15, 2023 in Seoul, Korea.

The Last Bus by Gillies MacKinnon – UK | 2021 – 86 minutes

Tom, a retired old man, had recently lost his wife Mary. The village they lived in was John O’Groats, the northernmost part of the United Kingdom, but Tom’s hometown, where he had fond memories of Mary, was Land’s End, the southernmost part. He plans a trip to Land’s End, which only crosses the country by bus with a free bus pass. Traveling with only one small suitcase, Tom meets many people. Some felt sorry for his recklessness in crossing the country only by bus, but others even applaud him. And as Tom’s image is posted as a relay on social media, the old man’s cross-country trip becomes a national concern. (SISFF 2023)


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