15th Sinepiyu Film Festival – All Tamaraws Category

We take a look at the short films that will be screened at the All Tamaraws Category of the Sinepiyu Film Festival which will take place from May 2 – 6, 2023 at the Cinematheque Centre Manila and Far Eastern University — Manila, and will be screening online via Juanflix: the FDCP Channel.

Bakit, Papa? by Migo Morales

Kaliwa’t kanan ang burol ng mga yumao sa isang barrio sa Isabela, ngunit napansin ni Amang, isang tubong Ilocano, ang mistulang naglaho nang tradisyon nila sa mga burol— ang pagdudung-aw. Ito ang nagtulak sa kanya upang ipasa kay Balong, ang kaniyang nag iisang anak – ang tradisyon.

Boi by Luke Del Castillo

Soft teenager Reggie struggles to find his place in a macho environment where he lives with his endearing mother under the roof of his police stepfather. Amid the toxic masculinity that surrounds him, he finds solace with his buddy Mikoy who keeps him grounded. However, their platonic bond gets challenged as a wicked truth unfolds.

Fallen Aliens by Aaron Domingo

Years after her mother went missing, Mala finds remnants of their memories in a box, slowly unfolding the truth behind her disappearance.

Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Mundo by Hillarie Mandacualat

A helpless young man who spends every day waiting by the sea, will sail to the end of the world in the hopes that his beloved one who he had long believed is at the end of the horizon. Soon, he will discover the answer he’s been seeking for.

I Can’t Make You Love Me by Josh Van Ulric Campo

With the voice memos of the last few messages from his ex-boyfriend continuously playing, a guy finds it hard to pick himself up from his untidy bed as if something is weighing heavy on him. Looking very messy, he finds himself in his small room filled with trash and disorganized belongings. He stands up with no energy to feed the fishes. While watching them, there is an obvious melancholy on his face…

Kwentong Barbero by Addie Carreon and Florence Margaret Aquino

Makikita si Dado bilang mapag mahal at responsableng asawa. Ik-kwento rin niya sa mga suki niya na sina Alas at Pablo ang sikreto ng kanilang matibay na relasyon ni Isay at kung paano ang tamang pag turing ng mga babae. Dadating si Isay na puno ng galos at pasa habang umiiyak. Dumadami ang tao sa paligid na nakiki-usyoso. Ipapakita ang lahat ng kanyang pang-aabuso. Makikita ang iba’t ibang mukha ng mga tao. Doon mag mumula ang kasabihang “”Kwentong Barbero”.

Naroa by Kenneth Cabalan

Naroa follows the story of Timer, a disillusioned romantic man, who is wondering about this lady, Naroa, who keeps on showing up mysteriously around him. Until one day, after waking up from the night of drinking and being tipsy, he was finally able to talk to Naroa.

Pagpag by Roen Lyle Yuan

Pagpag is about a person’s grief at her father. Rachel will have realizations that will bring back her childhood traumas. This film will teach us to move past our traumas and life lessons about dealing with grief.

Pagtangis Ng Mga Aninong Umiindak Sa Hangin by Laurence Llamas

A big dream. An aspiring performer. Amidst the malice brought upon iron fists, Amalia faces overwhelming odds that unexpectedly change her life, revealing a darker side of injustice and torture.

Para Kay Cielo by Mar Tablante

A girl finds love in a place that broke her heart. Cielo, a teenage girl goes back to the place where she experienced her very first heartbreak in 1995. She came back when she was a high school student in 2003 hoping to find the man who left her at the music store which is the place she would frequent in the future. Cielo ventures into a life that makes her heart feel like she’s on a roller coaster ride with a little bit of comedy on the side.

Pasada by Bryan Seño

A hardworking father drives a jeep while his son helps him earn money for his medication, but suddenly three men blocked their route and stole all their money.

Pink Taxi Company by Levy Dy

CK is a 21-year-old college dropout who deals weed to get by. Years before, he was casted out by his father, and in his childhood, he was left behind by his mother. He is being held captive by his Boss for stealing money from him. With the help of his friend Wise, he escapes using a barrage of firecrackers. Calvin is a middle-aged taxi driver with a bad temper who is trying to save up money every day for a hopeful future by slowly accumulating his revenue inside the duffel bag in the trunk of the taxi.

Sacred Refuge by Mabegail Esquierda

Anan, a young faith healer of the Baryo Hinirang, is on his quest to find the answer behind the scarcity and death in his small community when he falls under the spell of Tres Marias, whom he encountered face-to-face. Contesting the old beliefs about the wickedness of the creature and the testimony of his grandfather, Tandang Igo, Anan gave relief to the community with the “miracle water” from the river of Tres Marias. With all the praise and adoration, the community, headed by Anan, invites the Tres Marias to live with them. Is the baryo ready for what is coming next?

When The Sun Sets by Arkin Tendilla

A dimly-lit evening, where the sky is painted with hues of orange and pink as the sun sets beyond the horizon. An unlikely encounter that sparks an unexpected connection happens when Yna walks towards the solemnity of the cemetery, the flicker of a candle and the fragrance of flowers gives birth to a new connection, one that transcends life and death. An unknowingly deep relationship was created as Yna bought sampaguita and met Josefina. As Josefina walks towards the cemetery clutching a well-lit candle and creating an intimate conversation.

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