47th Atlanta Film Festival – Asian Presence 2023

We take a look at the Asian films that will be screened at the Atlanta Film Festival which will take place from April 20 – 30, 2023 in Atlanta, United States.

*The list includes films made by directors with Asian ancestry

– Feature Films –

Polite Society by Nida Manzoor – UK | 2023 – 103 minutes

Ria Khan believes that she must save her older sister Lena from her impending marriage. After enlisting her friends’ help, she attempts to pull off the most ambitious of all wedding heists, in the name of independence and sisterhood. (AtlantaFF 20223)


– Short Films –

From Dreams to Dust by Stephanie Tangkilisan, Muhammad Fadli – Indonesia, USA | 2022 – 10 minutes*

Dreams to Dust tells the story of Pola, a nickel miner and family man from Indonesia. Through Pola’s eyes we see the dark side of green technology. (AtlantaFF 20223)

In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket by Yoko Yuki – Japan | 2022 – 6 minutes*

When it shrinks, it expands. It floats and it sinks. It separates but connects. When I think I’m watching them, they’re actually watching me. (AtlantaFF 20223)


Me and Me by ChiuLing Chen – Taiwan | 2022 – 10 minutes*

A pencil hand-drawn animated short film, depicting the life of solitude into a short, light, black and white song. (AtlantaFF 20223)

The Law of the Jungle Gym by Yoon Hei Cho – UK, Korea | 2022 – 6 minutes*

A dog-eat-dog survival game takes place in the seemingly innocent environment of a school at lunchtime.


– Episodic –

Good Boy by William Yu – USA | 2022 – 16 minutes

A young Korean American with dreams of launching his own streetwear brand struggles with dysfunctional relationships and conflicting family values. (AtlantaFF 20223)

*In Competition
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