22nd Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival – Asian Presence 2023

We take a look at the Asian films that will be screened at the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival which will take place from April 14 – 23, 2023 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

– Feature Films –

Tomorrow is a Long Time by Jow Zhi Wei – Singapore, Taiwan, France, Portugal | 2023 – 106 minutes*

After the death of his mother, Meng, a sixteen-year-old teenager, spends his days lounging at home. He doesn’t have many friends, and, at school, is pressured into bullying other boys. His life changes when a new adventure transports him to an exciting and unknown landscape


Walk Up by Hong Sang-soo – Korea | 2022 – 97 minutes

Byung-soo, a film director, and his daughter, with whom he doesn’t have much of a relationship, go to visit a four-story building. There they will be welcomed by Mrs. Kim who will show them the recent renovations that the girl, as a future interior designer, wants to study. The lives of the different tenants will be transformed by the encounter


– Short Films –

A Passing Cloud by Tang Peiyan – China | 2022 – 14 minutes*

Teenager Yiyi is the passenger of Zhao Mei, a woman who works as a rideshare driver to support her family. While they drive to the destination, the woman starts to question her role as a mother as she learns more about the girl

All Tomorrow’s Parties by Zhang Dalei – China | 2023 – 24 minutes*

The 1990 Asian Games comes to the end, and the collective enthusiasm dies down in China. Xiao Zhou takes care of her mother while working at the state-owned film studio as a receptionist. Li Mo returned from a faraway place, having seen the Gobi and the mountains. On cold nights, the cinema is a harbor for the two


fur by Zhen Li – USA | 2023 – 7 minutes*

A crush gone moldy…

* Official Selection
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