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DMZ Docs Industry – Call for Projects 2023

The DMZ Docs Industry is accepting documentary projects that are in development or early production stage for the DMZ Docs Fund. The deadline for the KOREAN POV 2023 (Only for Koreans) is March 27, 2023. And the deadline for the VODA FUND is April 3, 2023. The DMZ Docs Pitch will be open in May, 2023.

About the DMZ Docs Industry:
In a bid to invigorate documentary filmmaking in Korea as well as throughout Asia, DMZ Docs Industry discovers promising documentary projects and provides comprehensive support. The diverse schemes offered Asian documentary filmmakers with a step-by-step customized support system that encompasses the entire process of documentary production, from planning and development to production, financing and post-production.

The DMZ Docs Industry consist of two main Programs:
DMZ Docs Fund, which supports documentary projects in development stage with its cash grants.
DMZ Docs Pitch, which provides business and networking opportunities to documentary projects in production or rough-cut phase. (Submission will be open in May, 2023)

DMZ Docs Fund

DMZ Docs Fund is a production support program that enables the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival to discover and support the production of new documentaries from Korea and Asia, and support projects in development or early production stages. ‘KOREAN POV 2023’ is for Korean Filmmakers only while ‘THE VODA FUND’ is open for both Korean and Asian. ‘THE VODA FUND’ will provide KRW 10 million in support for medium- and feature-length (above 50 min.) documentary projects as well as individual tutoring from experts.

KOREAN POV 2023 | ONLY for Korean Filmmakers
“What are the issues that Korean filmmakers should pay attention right now?” With that question in mind, DMZ Docs Industry takes an initiative on leading the agenda in today’s Korean society and connecting the filmmakers working on similar stories. We will also create offline venues where people can converse their ideas, thoughts, and concerns and help to find international outlets to carry their stories in short forms.

THE VODA FUND | For Korean and Asian Filmmakers
‘VODA’ in Korean means ‘To See.’ A documentarist documents ‘what she/he sees’ to ‘be seen’ by the audience. At a glance, this world seems to have so many barriers based on one’s nationality, race, gender, culture, etc. However, looking into someone closely, we can see that most human beings share the similar concerns, sufferings, and aspirations. With that thought, DMZ Docs Industry changed the name of the previous ‘Development Fund’ into ‘THE VODA FUND’ this year.

– This fund is for the documentary projects that are in development or early production stage.
– Projects should be Medium- and feature-length (above 50 minutes).
– Documentary projects created by director/producers of Korean or Asian nationality.
– Projects that have been selected by any international pitch forum prior to DMZ Docs Industry (Sep. 14, 2023) are NOT ELIGIBLE. Domestic Pitch (Project’s own country) Participation is acceptable.
– Korean projects are eligible if they have not been funded by any other organization except Research Fund from DMZ Docs. Asian projects are eligible as long as they have not been selected for a fund or pitch by an organization outside of their home country.
– The copyright must be held by the creator or applicant as an original work of art intended for screening on multiple platforms, including theatrical release.
– Projects with original work, if any, for which rights have been secured.


* Number of selected projects or amount of funding grants is subject to change.

KOREAN POV 2023– March 27, 2023 (17:00 pm | GMT +9/KST)
THE VODA FUND – April 3, 2023 (17:00 pm | GMT +9/KST)

We recommend filmmakers to read the full Rules and Regulations here:

To submit to the festival please visit:

To see other Call for Entries please follow the next link: “Call for Entries”.

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