13h Luxembourg City Film Festival – Asian Presence 2023

We take look at the Asian feature films that will be screened at the Luxembourg City Film Festival (Luxembourg ) which is taking place from March 2 – 12, 2023.

– Feature Film –

Autobiography by Makbul Mubarak – Indonesia | 2022 – 115*

Rakib is the latest in his family to work as the caretaker of an Indonesian army general’s empty mansion in rural Indonesia, a job that has been in the family for generations.  When General Puran, now retired, returns to run for political office, the young Rakib is enthralled by his aura of power and becomes his right-hand man. Rakib finds a father-figure in the chess-loving Puran. But the consequences of his efforts to impress the general cause him to question his loyalty. (LCFF2023)


Arnold is a Model Student by Sorayos Prapapan – Thailand | 2022 – 86 minutes

Set against the background of the 2020 Bad Student Movement protests against corruption and authoritarian discipline in Thailand’s education system, the Arnold of the title is a high-flyer in his final year of high school. When he meets Mr. Bee, who runs a business helping students pass their exams using dubious methods, Arnold seizes the opportunity to make some money. But with his satirist father exiled, Arnold’s social conscience starts to awaken. (LCFF2023)


Leonor Will Never Die by Martika Ramirez Escobar – Philippines | 2022 – 99 minutes*

Leonor Reyes was once a star of the Filipino film industry with successful action films to her name. Now she struggles to pay the bills. When she reads an advertisement looking for screenplays, Leonor begins tinkering with an unfinished script about the quest of young, noble Ronwaldo, forced to avenge his brother’s murder at the hand of thugs. When she falls into a coma following an accident, Leonor is transported into the incomplete movie, allowing her to play out her wildest dreams and discover the perfect ending to her story. (LCFF2023)


Love Life by Koji Fukada – Japan, France | 2022 – 123 minutes

Taeko and her husband Jiro are living a peaceful existence with her young son Keita, when a tragic accident brings the boy’s long-lost father, Park, back into her life.To cope with the pain and guilt, Taeko throws herself into helping this deaf and homeless man. (LCFF2023)


Stone Turtle by Woo Ming Jin – Malaysia | 2022 – 91 minutes

Zahara lives on a deserted island with her ten-year-old niece Nika, eking out a living by gathering turtle eggs. Determined to enrol Nika in school, Zahara canoes to the mainland only to be met with indifference by a local bureaucrat. Returning to the island, they meet a stranger who claims to be researching the turtles. But his presence unleashes fantastical elements and a thirst for vengeance as Zahara ends up reliving the same day again and again. (LCFF2023)


– Short Films –

Kubo Walks The City by Hayoung Kwon – France | 2021 – 20 minutes (VR)

Like an “ethno-detective,” follow the footsteps of Kubo, a Korean writer in his urban flanerie in Seoul in 1934, when Korea was under Japanese occupation. (LCFF2023)


All that remains by Craig Quintero – Taiwan | 2022 – 12 minutes (VR)

We are comforted by “facts.” The sun rises in the east. There are twenty-four hours in a day. I exist. These truisms enable us to get through the process of living. All That Remains is a meditation on the fluid boundary between dream and reality. (LCFF2023)


*Films In Competition

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