40th Busan International Short Film Festival – Competition Finalists Announced

The Busan International Short Film Festival announced the finalists for the Competition Section. The festival will take place from April 25th until May 1st, 2022.

This year, a total of 2.877 films from 112 different countries were submitted for the International Competition, and 705 films were submitted for the Korean Competition. After the strict selection process the selection committee shortlisted 40 films for the International Competition, and 20 films from the Korean Competition.

International Competition
Country A Dead Marriage by Michal Toczek – Poland
Albertine Where Are You? by Maria Guidone – Italy
Ayta by Ayaal Adamov – Russia
Bergie by Dian Weys – Republic of South Africa
Big Bang by Carlos Segundo – France, Brazil
Big Day by Chung-Chieh Chiang – Taiwan
Bird in the Peninsula by Atsushi Wada – France
Color-less by Estefanfa Pifieres – Colombia
Dear Passengers by Madli Laane – Estonia
Don’t Be Cruel by Andrej Chinappi – Italy
Ecce by Margherita Premuroso – Italy
Every Floor Looks The Same by Gladys Ng – Singapore
Fairplay by Zoel Aeschbacher – France, Switzerland
Fragments of Us by Ido Gotlib – Germany
Further and Further Away by Polen Ly – Cambodia
Graveyard of Horses by Xiaoxuan Jiang – China
Hardly Working by Total Refusal – Austria
Hollywood by Leni Gruber, Alex Reinberg – Austria
Ice Merchants by Joao Gonzalez – Portugal, France, UK
Invincible by Vincent Rene-Lortie – Canada
It Turns Blue by Shadi Karamroudi – Iran
Jill, Uncredited by Anthony Ing – UK
Lake of Fire by NEOZOON – Germany
Limits by Simon de Diesbach – Switzerland
Low Tide by Juana Castro – Colombia, Spain
Magma by Luca Meisters – The Netherlands
Matapang by Lea-Jade Horlier – France
My Unborn Son by Gyongyi Fazekas – Finland
Neighbourby Abdi by Douwe Dijkstra – The Netherlands
Neither Nor by Soon Teik Ong – Malaysia
Nurture by Sasha Argirov – Canada
One Day When I Was Lost by Soufiane Adel – France
Runaway by Salome Kintsurashvili – Georgia
Sikiitu by Gabriel Allard Gagnon – Canada
Super by Nikolas Kouloglou – Greece
The Melting Creatures by Diego Cespedes – France, Chile
The Open House by Julieta Lasarte – Spain
Tremor by Rudolf Fitzgerald Leonard – Germany
Tsutsue by Amartei Armar – France, Ghana
Underground Rivers by Simon Velez – Colombia

Korean Competition
A Letter to You Who Used to Live in My House
by Junehyuck Jeon – South Korea
Another Town by Dongki Yoon – South Korea
Boarding Institute by Yongjae Park – South Korea
Borderline by Sonhee Kong – South Korea
Cinema Club by Yunji Jeong – South Korea
Cut and Paste by Hyojun Kim – South Korea
Highlights by Youngseok Kim – South Korea
Mint Condition by Solbeen Yoon – South Korea
Nowhere by Taein Heo – South Korea
One’s Mind by Jiwoo Lee – South Korea
Resume by Seungjun Lee – South Korea
Running by the Riverside by Bitareaum Jung – South Korea
The Good Samaritan Girl by Johee Oh – Germany, South Korea
The Rain Spell by Narae Lee – South Korea
Tarantuner by Hyomi Kim – South Korea
Unique Time by Yujin Oh – South Korea
We’re from Eden by Yunseok Lee – South Korea
Why by Yoonji Kim – South Korea
Winter Vacation by Minsung Kim – South Korea
Youthful Days by Nakyung Lee – South Korea

*Titles in alphabetical order
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