17th Prague Shorts Film Festival – Asian Presence 2023

We present the Asian films that will be screened at the Prague Shorts Film Festival which will take place from March 1 – 5, 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic.

All the Crows in the World by Yi Tang – Hong Kong | 2021 – 14 minutes

18-year-old Shengnan is invited to a mysterious party by her cousin. The party is filled with greasy middle-aged Chinese men. But among these people, Jianguo is so very different. (PragueshortsFF2023)


Battery Daddy by Seung-bae Jeon – Korea | 2021 – 6 minutes

Battery Daddy works tirelessly day in and day out. He is in the remote control when we want to watch a cartoon, in a flashlight when we need to illuminate the dark. He powers a toy when we want to play with it. He’s always ready! But who will recharge him when he runs out of energy? (PragueshortsFF2023)


Carnivorous Bean Sprout by SeO – Korea | 2021 – 5 minutes

A black comedy about an unidentifiable strange creature that will satisfy the desires of those who seek fear for sheer pleasure. (PragueshortsFF2023)


It’s Raining Frogs Outside by Maria Estela Paiso – Philippines | 2021 – 14 minutes

The world is about to end. Maya is forced to go home to the province of Zambales. There, she confronts her childhood house, which terrorizes her as frogs rain outside. (PragueshortsFF2023)


Moshari by Nuhash Humayun – Bangladesh | 2021 – 21 minutes

The end of the world forces two sisters together inside a mosquito net just to survive. But first they must survive each other. (PragueshortsFF2023)


Sandstorm by Seemab Gul – Pakistan, UK | 2021 – 20 minutes

Zara, a schoolgirl in Karachi, shares a sensual dance video with her virtual boyfriend, who then blackmails her. (PragueshortsFF2023)


Snow in September by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir – France, Mongolia | 2022 – 19 minutes

Davka is a teenager who lives in a decaying Soviet-era building in Ulaanbaatar. He and his classmate Anuka like to talk about manga and tease each other about sex. When Davka encounters an older woman, his ideas about intimacy and his view of relationships are forced to change. (PragueshortsFF2023)

Sushi Noh by Jayden Rathsam Hua – Australia | 2020 – 18 minutes

Trapped in the care of her lonely uncle, a young girl’s nightmares about a bizarre kitchen appliance manifest into reality. (PragueshortsFF2023)


Tank Fairy by Erich Rettstadt – Taiwan, USA | 2021 – 10 minutes

In Taiwan, “song wa si de” are workers who routinely supply gas tanks to street vendors and old residential buildings. The magical Tank Fairy delivers her tanks unlike anyone else – with sass, stilettos, and a healthy helping of glitter. Her arrival upends the life of Jojo, a lonely ten-year-old who dreams of dancing and drag. Outcast by classmates and misunderstood by his stern, single mother, Jojo is inspired to live out loud by his fierce, propane-toting fairy godmother. Tank Fairy is a musical extravaganza that encourages us all to embrace our authentic selves. (PragueshortsFF2023)


The Headhunter’s Daughter by Don Josephus Raphael Eblahan – Philippines | 2021 – 15 minutes

Leaving her family behind, Lynn traverses the harrowing roads of the Cordilleran highlands to try her luck in the city as a country singer. (PragueshortsFF2023)


The Water Murmurs by Story Chen – China | 2022 – 15 minutes

When an asteroid hits the Earth, underwater volcanic eruptions risk submerging a riverside town, and so the inhabitants start to flee inland. The day before leaving, Nian says goodbye to a childhood friend, but on her way she crosses paths with some of the town’s residents. Gradually, her memories of the town start to become clearer and clearer in her mind. (PragueshortsFF2023)


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