42nd Anima – Brussels International Animation Film Festival – Asian Presence 2022

Six Asian short films will be screened at the Anima – Brussels International Animation Film Festival (Belgium) which will take place from February 17 – 26, 2023.

Bird in the Peninsula by Atsushi Wada – France, Japan | 2022 – 16 minutes

Children are dancing on the music under the supervision of their teacher. A young lady witnesses the scene and disrupts their rituals. (POFF Shorts 2022)


Go Fishboy by Denise CIRONE, Sebastian DORINGER, Andrey KOLESOV, Chiayu LIU, Zhen TIAN and Lan ZHOU – Japan, France | 2022 – 5 minutes

A respected chef from a lineage of sushi makers attempts to connect with his son through the shared knowledge of the family trade. Tensions arise as he begins to notice a strange pattern of behavior in the young boy. (FilmAffinity)

Going Well… by Hye-Jeong Lee – Korea | 2021 – 3 minutes

A story of a writer who struggles to meet the deadline. (FilmAffinity)

I’m Late by Sawako Kabuki – France, Japan | 2022 – 10 minutes

If your girlfriend would tell you “my period hasn’t come yet,” or if your period hasn’t come after the affairs with your boyfriend, how would you feel and how would you behave?

A handful of people, of different ages, boys and girls, react to those questions and by doing so, let us discover their relationship to sex, parenthood, life, and the society in general.

Persona by Sujin Moon – Korea | 2022 – 6 minutes

The process of being encroached by the persona. (POFF Shorts 2022)


Piropiro by Miyoung Baek – Korea | 2021 – 9 minutes

A bird living in a forest, Piripiro, happens to meet another bird, Dallae, living in a flower shop in a city. Piropiro approaches to Dallae to fly back together to the forest. (BIKY 2022)


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