59th Golden Horse Awards – Winners 2022

These are the winners of the Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan). The award ceremony took place on November 19, 2022.

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year
CHEN Ming-ze

Lifetime Achievement Award
LAI Cheng-ying
CHANG Chao-tang

Best Narrative Feature

Coo-Coo 043 by Chan Ching-lin – Taiwan | 2022 – 135 minutes

The sound of wings reverberates through the air. In the murky half-light, race pigeon 043 has finally returned after seven years. The family’s barely-maintained peace after their son’s missing is shattered by 043’s return, as the daughter brings a street boy home. Things begin to change gradually, so do the people. In the aftershock of the storm, what course should the wounded follow? (TGHFF 2022)

Best Documentary Feature

And Miles to Go Before I sleep by Tsai Tsung-lung – Taiwan | 2022 – 90 minutes

Nguyen was reported for a car theft and ended up being shot nine times by police officer Chen Chung-wen. Nguyen bled to death on the way to the hospital. The public supported Chen’s use of firearms against the runaway migrant who resisted arrest. Were the nine shots the only cause of Nguyen’s death? When the perpetrator isn’t necessarily the true perpetrator, is the imperfect victim the one to blame? (TGHFF 2022)

Best Live Action Short Film

Can You Hear Me? by Li Nien-hsiu – Taiwan | 2021 – 36 minutes

Li Jhong-er wakes up and finds himself dead. He watches his family dealing with his death while they share their thoughts over breakfast. Although his wife cannot hear what he has to say, she understands what is on his mind. (TGHFF 2022)

Best Documentary Short Film

Will You Look At Me by Huang Shuli – China | 2022 – 20 minutes

As a young Chinese filmmaker returns to his hometown in search for himself, a long due conversation with his mother dives the two of them into a raw and heartbreaking quest for acceptance and love. Will he find his answer? (TGHFF 2022)

Best Animated Short Film

Compound Eyes of Tropical by Zhang Xu Zhan – Taiwan | 2022 – 17 minutes

The film is inspired by the costumes of folk art performers at Taiwan’s ceremonial festivals. Adapted from the Southeast Asian folktale The Mousedeer Crosses River, it integrates similar folktale narratives from different countries to create animated puppet dancers.(TGHFF 2022)

Best Director

Laha Mebow by GAGA – Taiwan | 2022 – 112 minutes

Hayung’s family faces a mysterious atmosphere, just like the mist surrounding the tribe in September. He had been practicing GAGA for eighty years, but his descendants deviate from it when he passes away… His first son Pasang is determined to go into politics, against his family’s wishes, and his second son and farmer is dragged into it. Now the family is falling apart…(TGHFF 2022)

Best Leading Actor

Anthony Wong for his role in The Sunny Side of the Street (dir. Lau Kok-rui)
Hong Kong | 2022 – 111 minutes

Hassan is a Hong Kong-born Pakistani kid waiting for refugee status to Canada. His father died in a car accident that Yat is involved in, who himself was a refugee from China in the 1970s. When Hassan joins a refugees’ gang and gets entangled with the police, Yat decides to help him flee, but Hassan finds out the truth about his father’s death. Can their journey continue? (TGHFF 2022)

Best Leading Actress

Sylvia Chang for her role in A Light Never Goes Out (dir. Anastasia Tsang)
Hong Kong | 2022 – 103 minutes

Middle-aged widow Heung learns that her late husband had an unfulfilled last wish – to recreate a legendary neon sign. Heung tries to uncover the story behind the sign and learns the craft of blowing neon lights in the hope of fulfilling her departed husband’s last wish. When the legendary neon sign gradually emerges, the secrets that Heung couldn’t face are about to be revealed… (TGHFF 2022)

Best Supporting Actor

Berant Zhu for his role in Bad Education (dir. Kai Ko) – Taiwan | 2022 – 77 minutes

On the night of their high school graduation, three juvenile delinquents get drunk at their regular hangout. But for these boys about to enter a new chapter of life, they decide to share their darkest secrets with one another. The first secret is shocking. The second secret is terrifying. The third secret is… Wait! Unless you want us to kill you, you must do something terrible enough! Right now! Tonight! (TGHFF 2022)

Best Supporting Actress

Kagaw Piling for her role in GAGA (dir. Laha Mebow) – Taiwan | 2022 – 112 minutes

Best New Director

Lau Kok-rui for The Sunny Side of the Street – Hong Kong  | 2022 – 111 minutes

Best New Performer

Hu Jhih-ciang for Coo-Coo 043 (dir. Chan Ching-lin) – Taiwan | 2022 – 135 minutes

Best Original Screenplay

Lau Kok-rui for The Sunny Side of the Street – Hong Kong | 2022 – 111 minutes

Best Adapted Screenplay

Au Kin-yee, Shum Kwan-sin for Limbo (dir. Soi Cheang) – Hong Kong | 2021 – 118 minutes

A serial killer is on the loose. Under public pressure to solve the case, the police reinstate veteran detective Cham on duty and assign him to the case with rookie cop Will. However, Cham’s past returns to haunt him when he encounters To. As Will and Cham clash over their vastly different investigation styles, plus Cham’s abusive attitude towards To, the truth becomes increasingly blurred. (TGHFF 2022)

Best Cinematography

Cheng Siu-keung for Limbo (dir. Soi Cheang) – Hong Kong | 2021 – 118 minutes

Best Visual Effects

Garrett LAM, HO Man-lok, DIU King-wai for Limbo (dir. Soi Cheang) – Hong Kong | 2021 – 118 minutes

Best Art Director

MAK Kwok-keung, Renee WONG for Limbo (dir. Soi Cheang) – Hong Kong | 2021 – 118 minutes

Best Makeup & Costume Design

Ken FAN, CHEN You-feng for DEMIGOD: The Legend Begins (dir. Chris Huang)
Taiwan | 2022 -103 minutes

Youthful polymath Su Huan-jen is a martial artist, a doctor and an unpredictable headache for his master Eight-toed Qilin. In going against his master’s advice, Su Huan-jen unwittingly sets off a lethal power struggle between the Five Mountains. Ensnared in a conspiracy that even his master cannot escape from, it is up to Su Huan-jen to turn back the tide and stop the evil mastermind before it is too late… (TGHFF 2022)

Best Action Choreography

SHEU Fang-yi for Salute – Taiwan | 2022 – 137 minutes

Based on dancer Sheu Fang-yi’s semi-autobiography, Salute depicts four periods in her career. Sheu has choreographed thirteen modern dances that embody her great achievements in the past two decades. Now she bids farewell to her past with a funeral and heads towards an unknown future. With dual narratives, Salute blurs the boundaries between fictional, experimental and factual films. (TGHFF 2022)

Best Original Film Score

Wong Hin-yan for The Narrow Road – Hong Kong | 2022 – 115 minutes

At the beginning of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic hits, small shops close down, one after another. Chak, who runs a small cleaning company, barely takes over the work on his own to make a living. One day, he meets a young single mother Candy and her daughter. Would their encounter save them during the recession of Hong Kong’s economy? (TGHFF 2022)

Best Original Film Song

What’s on Your Mind | Lyricist : Eric CHOU, WU I-wei  Composer : Eric CHOU  Performer : Eric CHOU | Film My Best Friend’s Breakfast directed by Ryan Tu – Taiwan | 2022 – 119 minutes

Wei-xin is a high school girl who craves food all the time. Every day, she is eager to help her bestie get rid of the breakfasts sent from her admirers. Despite her terrible guitar playing skill, she promises the president of the guitar club to perform on stage in exchange for free drinks. Luckily, a kind senior helps her prepare for the show. She gradually falls for him, but one day, she learns a heart-breaking truth… (TGHFF 2022)

Best Film Editing

Kevin KO for Incantation – Taiwan | 2022 – 111 minutes

WARNING: This is a cursed video; it might contain certain risks to watch. For those who dare to follow, please solve the puzzle of my daughter’s curse with me. My name is Li Ronan, the reason why I’m making this video is I hope that people could help me lift the curse bestowed upon my daughter after watching what I have to say. (TGHFF 2022)

Best Sound Effects

R.T KAO, Rockid LEE, Richard HOCKS, Nusorn THONGKHUM for Incantation (dir. Kevin KO)
Taiwan | 2022 – 111 minutes

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