Call for Entry

24th Jeonju International Film Festival – Call for Entry 2023

The Jeonju International Film Festival (Korea) is accepting films until January 18, 2023.

About the festival:
Launched in 2000, Jeonju IFF is now recognized as Mecca of independent film festival of Asia and the widest window of avant-garde cinema around the world. While you can find latest waves of Korean independent scene in Korean Film Competition, International Competition introduces new talents across the world and showing the potential of new cinematic aesthetics. A number of new, rising filmmakers have been introduced to the world stage by Jeonju IFF and it resulted in that the awardees of Jeonju IFF have been critically acclaimed by international film festivals scene. The directors with the Grand Prize include Suwa Nobuhiro, Apichatpong Weerasrtakul, LiuJia-yin , Denis Cote, YING Liang, Matías Piñeiro and Sherad Anthony Sanchez.

– International Competition: A first or second feature-length film of an emerging filmmaker(s)
– Korean Competition: A first or second feature-length film of an emerging filmmaker(s) that reveals the present Korean society
– Korean Competition for Shorts: A section dedicated to showing short films with aesthetic challenges

– JEONJU Cinema Project (JCP): The feature-length films financed and produced by JEONJU IFF
– Frontline: A collection of unique and imaginative films with issues raising questions and innovative arguments
– World Cinema: An introduction to the most significant fiction films and documentaries of the year that represent contemporary trends
– Masters: A showcase of films of influential and celebrated directors
– Korean Cinema: A section that shows the trend of Korean films through new films by Korean directors or films that achieve unique perfection
– Expanded Cinema: The trend of experimental films with innovative and original cinema language
– Cinema Fest: A collection of films offering both popular and artistic aspects in which various generations can watch
– Midnight Cinema: A collection of films that show individual styles such as genre elements, radical imagination, clear subject consciousness and free-spirited expression
– Cinephile JEONJU: A section that introduces restored films and films that contain the history of movies that trigger the thought of movie itself
– Special Focus (Special program or Retrospective): A special program focused on the specific artist, the country, or the subject newly projected on a yearly basis
– J Special: Programmer of the Year: A section designed by the guest programmer(s) with their own cinematic perspectives.

Eligibility (International Films):
– The festival accepts short films (below 40 minutes) and feature films (over 40 minutes).
– All sections may receive all genres (documentary, fiction, experimental, and animation) of short and feature films.
– Entries to International Competition MUST be the first or second second-length film of the director(s). All the co-directors must meet this condition and no exception is allowed.
– International Competition entries must be screened in the mentioned period of JEONJU IFF and must have one of the following premiere conditions: Asian Premiere, International Premiere, or World Premiere. And the entries MUST be made after January 2022. * All entries should guarantee at least Asian Premiere for International Competition. In case that the submitted work is from an Asian country, the exception is granted if it hasn’t been screened in an Asian country other than the home country.
– If the submitted work has been released on SVOD, VOD, DVD, or Blu-ray, it will not be eligible for any of the JEONJU IFF official sections. A graduation screening or a private screening will be an exception.
– English subtitles must be embedded on the screener if the original language of the film is non-English.
– Submissions must be done ONLY at the Festival’s official website. Submitters must register as a member of the festival website to submit online.
– Submission is completed ONLY when the online screening link for previews is uploaded along with the entry form.
Submission Fee: FREE
Deadline: January 18, 2023 (17:00 KST)

We recommend filmmakers and producers to read the full Rules & Regulations here:

To submit to the festival please go here:

We remind readers that the 24th Jeonju International Film Festival will take place from April 27 – May 6, 2023 in Jeonju, Korea.

To see other Calls please follow the next link: “Call For Entries”.

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