8 Short Films you shouldn’t miss at the 17th Tasveer South Asian Film Festival

These are eight short films you shouldn’t miss at the Tasveer South Asian Film Festival (Seattle, USA) which will take place in cinemas from November 3 – 13, and online from November 7 – 20, 2022.

Bagthan by Sunil Pandey – Nepal | 2022 – 20 minutes

Chandra, the only descendant of the ancestors who created his beautiful village, contemplates about the ancestors, descendants, his beloved , his demised better half, the songs, the stories, the pathways he had walked thousand of times, and the rest place where he had rested tons of his fatigues. At the very verge of his life these memories are the only things that he is longing for. (TSAFF 2022)


Dear Dad by Ibrahim Rana – Pakistan | 2021 – 10 minutes

A young man comes to meet his dying father for the confrontation of his life. (TSAFF 2022)


First Night by Darshika Karunahara – Denmark | 2021 – 20 minutes

The story of the two Danish-Tamil sisters who are determined to experience their first time on the same night. (TSAFF 2022)


Lori by Abinash Bikram Shah – Nepal | 2022 – 15 minutes

A mother sings lullabies to her 12-years-old daughter in order to calm her down. But, when the lullabies end, and the daughter comes to her senses, the reality turns out to be much grimmer, and life-altering. It’s a film about the legacy of patriarchy that is upheld by women and handed down to generations in the form of rituals and folk songs.

A film about the legacy of patriarchy that is upheld by women and handed down to generations in the form of rituals and folk songs. A 2022 Cannes Film Festival selection. (TSAFF 2022)

Mulaqat (Sandstorm) by Seemab Gul – Pakistan | 2021 – 20 minutes

Zara, a schoolgirl in Karachi (Pakistan), shares a sensual dance video with her virtual boyfriend, who then blackmails her. Caught between his manipulative behaviour and the desire to experience love on her own terms, Zara searches for the strength to reject the confines of a patriarchal society. (TSAFF 2022)


Swipe by Arafat Mazhar – Pakistan | 2020 – 14 minutes

A young boy addicted to iFatwa, an app that crowdsources religious death sentences, spends his days swiping on the lives of strangers as he attempts to get a top spot on the Ajar Board. (TSAFF 2022)


The Rein by Madan Kale – India | 2021 – 20 minutes

A husband comes to visit his wife (Who has come to her parent’s place) in the field making an excuse of her birthday. Their meeting slowly unfolds the tension between them. (TSAFF 2022)


Wheels On The Bus by Surya Shahi – Nepal | 2020 – 15 minutes

After being bullied into making iron wheels for his upper caste peers, BHYAL (12), a lower caste blacksmith and his friend LABA (11) are compelled to steal iron from the village to make the wheels. At Bhyal workshops the boys work through the night and fall asleep. Laba’s father finds his son asleep with Bhyal. Outraged at this sight, he calls the village religious chief to purify his son. With the entire village gathered, the village chief purifies Laba and passes judgement on Bhyal. (TSAFF 2020)


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