14th Kyoto Historica International Film Festival – Opening Film 2022

One Day in January directed by Akira Inoue will open the Kyoto Historica International Film Festival which will take place at the Museum of Kyoto October 29 until November 6, 2022

One Day in January (Onihei Gaiden Shogatsu Yokka No Kyaku) by Akira Inoue
Japan | 2012 – 77 minutes

Sanadaya is a small soba noodle restaurant in Makurabashi, Honjo. Every fourth of January, the couple who runs the shop only serves Sanada soba from Shinshū. The extremely pungent soba is ill-received from the guests, and despite its usual popularity, the shop is always empty on this specific day. However, one year, a man who looks like a wealthy merchant tries the soba, says he missed this specific flavor, and promises to come back next year. While being a chronicle of a soba restaurant, this masterpiece is also a melancholic and humane story of two men’s lives intersecting. The film is worth a watch even just for the rich-as-wine performance of Ken Matsudaira and Akira Emoto. (KHIFF 2022)

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