16 Films you shouldn’t miss at the 17th Korean Film Festival in Paris

These are eight shorts and eight feature films you shouldn’t miss at the Korean Film Festival in Paris which will take place from October 25 until November 1, 2022 at the Publicis Cinémas.

– Short Films –

A Child in Silence by Kangjae Cha – Korea | 2021 – 5 minutes

While waiting for his mother until late at night, In-jae goes through a nightmare. As In-jae wakes up from the nightmare and comes to his senses, he hears his mother’s voice coming from outside the front door. As In-jae approaches the front door while feeling strange, Weird phenomena begin to occur. (SESIFF 2022)

A Guitar in the Bucket by Boyoung Kim – Korea | 2021 – 15 minutes

In a world where you can rent everything from vending machines, a girl wants to be a guitarist, but people choose otherwise for her. (SESIFF 2022)

Hidden Road by Kim Cheol-hwi – Korea | 2022 – 23 minutes

Two cars are seen smashed on a quiet road where cars are unlikely to travel. ‘Sung-hoon’ lost his wife and daughter in the accident, but ‘Tae-soo’ has no problem. Can two people in different positions understand each other and move forward? (BIFAN 2022)

Family Toast by Junhyung Kim – Korea | 2022 – 14 minutes

A mother finds a cigarette in her daughter’s bag. Even though her mother starts to bombard her with questions, the daughter keeps her mouth shut. Then the father returns home from work and begins to suspect the cigarette was not just a cigarette, after all. (SESIFF 2022)

Nice to see your face by Namkoong Sun – Korea | 2022 – 13 minutes

Eden is driving down the road when the engine fails and her car comes to a stop. Eden calls Haewon and tells him she wants to see him before she leaves Korea, but Haewon keeps saying he just can’t come. The hot summer heats up the road and Eden’s wish to say a proper goodbye does not seem to be coming true. (PIPFF 2022)

Persona by Moon Sujin – Korea | 2022 – 7 minutes

The process of being encroached by the persona. (Kaohsiung 2022)

Remember Our Sister by Jo Hayoung – Korea | 2022 – 29 minutes

In the 1980s, Dongducheon base village. Hong spends a pleasant time with her older sister Yeon-ok. But the hostess disturbs Hong’s perfect daily life. (JIMFF 2022)

The House of Loss by Jinkyu Jeon – South Korea | 2022 – 10 minutes

The elderly at the nursing home have their heads shaved. The protagonist who works there sees them but can’t read their expressions. However, from one instance, he finds himself looking closely at their faces. (Cartoons Underground)

– Feature Films –

Confession by YOON Jong-seok – Korea | 2022 – 105 minutes

Yoo Min-ho is a good-looking young entrepreneur who has married into a family that owns a massive business conglomerate. Honored as IT Businessman of the Year, he looks to be leading a charmed life, until the police find him in a locked hotel room with the murdered body of his former mistress. The story explodes in the press, but Min-ho insists that he didn’t kill her, and that the facts will prove him innocent. Luckily, he can afford to hire a top-level defense attorney to frame those facts in the best possible light. (FarEastFF 2022)


Gyeong-ah’s Daughter by Kim Jung-eun – South Korea | 2022

After the death of her husband, Gyeong-a works as a caregiver and lives alone. The only one she can rely on is her daughter, Yeon-su, but it’s hard to meet her after her independence. Meanwhile, Yeon-su is suffering her ex-boyfriend Sang-hyeon persistently asking her to meet him. Thanks to Yeon-su’s surprise visit, Gyeong-a spends a lively weekend… That night, she gets a message from an unknown number. Upon opening the message, a video of Yeon-su having sex with an unknown man and Gyeong-a goes into the trauma. (AIWFF 2022)


Hommage by Shin Su-Won – Korea | 2021 – 108 minutes

Ji-wan is a 49-year-old female film director. After her 3rd film was shunned by audiences, she has been struggling for her 4th film. However, it is also shunned by the investors. Moreover, she is in difficulties because her husband stops supporting her financially. Meanwhile, a request comes from the film archive asking her to restore an old film made in the 60s by newly dubbing it. Ji-wan accepts the request to earn money. After watching the film, she realizes it’s nearly impossible to proceed the dubbing without the script. She tries to find the script, but after finding it, she notices some scenes were cut off and Ji-wan decides to find the film footage of missing scenes. On the journey back to the 60s, Ji-wan meets the old filmmakers who enable her to take a glance at the world and life through their eyes. Then she begins to ask herself questions. What is movie to her? And what is life? (LEAFF 2022)


Next Sohee by July Jung – Korea | 2022 – 139 minutes

Sohee (Kim Si-eun) gets a job as a field trainee at the customer service center of an Internet company just before her high school graduation. She is excited about getting a job at a large company, but the reality is different from what she expects. The customer service center is simply a hell of labor exploitation. The cruel reality there leads to a grim accident, and detective Yujin (Bae Doona) desperately pursues the truth. However, in the face of an absurd social system, she feels powerless. Director July Jung′s Next Sohee is a detailed investigation report that reflects the ecology of our society and an excellent portrait showing the longsuffering characters in detail. As the dense narrative slowly unfolds through the bodies of Sohee and Yujin, the gruesome feelings the title suggests are pushing in aggressively. (HONG Eunmi – Busan2022)


Return to Seoul by Davy Chou
South Korea, France, Cambodia, Germany, Belgium, Qatar | 2022 – 119 minutes

Born in South Korea and raised in France by adoptive parents, Frédérique Benoît, a.k.a. Freddie (Ji-min Park), is an arrogant, mercurial, and unyielding 25-year-old in search of answers. Unfamiliar with her native language or the intricacies of Korean culture, she spontaneously travels “home” — there’s no place like it — after being rerouted by a typhoon. There, she befriends a hotel employee named Tena (Guka Han), who sets her on the path to finding her biological parents and unearthing her origin story. While her mother remains a mystery, Freddie successfully confronts her eager father (Kwang-rok Oh). But much is lost in translation and her impetuous journey leaves her already heavy baggage packed with more questions than answers. As Thomas Wolfe once wrote, “You can’t go home again,” and it’s not long before Freddie — still recognizable, though with her foundations fully transformed and wanderlust as her North Star — is back in her motherland constructing another house of cards. (TorontoIFF 2022)


The Apartment with Two Women by Kim Se-in – Korea | 2021 – 140 minutes

Yi-jung lives with her mother Su-kyung, but they do not get along well with each other. While out grocery shopping one day, they fight as usual and Su-kyung’s car ends up hitting Yi-jung in the parking lot. Yi-jung does not believe Su-kyung’s claim that the car suddenly accelerated on its own and thinks her mother hit her on purpose. Now, Yi-jung wants an apology from Su-kyung for everything that happened in her life. (LEAFF 2022)


The Girl on a Bulldozer by Park Ri-woong – Korea | 2022 – 112 minutes

The 19-year-old GU Hye-young (KIM Hye-yoon) always attracts attention with her cheeky manner and the tattoos on her arm. She lives in a side room with her younger brother (PARK Si-woo) at her father’s restaurant, who doesn’t seem to care much about her. Because of her aggressive behavior and her carelessness, she repeatedly gets into trouble with the police. When her gambling father (PARK Hyuk-kwon) falls into a coma after a mysterious car accident, she and her brother are suddenly on their own. Now Hye-young must uncover the truth behind the accident while a wave of uncontrollable anger is building up inside of her. (KFFF 2022)


The Hill of Secrets by Lee Ji-eun – Korea | 2022 – 122 minutes

Twelve-year-old Myung-eun (MOON Seung-a) is a model student. She is popular, has good grades and is even elected class president. But when she has to introduce her parents at school one day, she is faced with a problem: her parents are not like the parents of the other children. Her mother (JANG Sun) is stingy and works all day. Her father (KANG Gil-woo), on the other hand, works too little and has no ambitions. In order to avoid embarrassment in front of the class and her teacher, she invents a new family that suits her expectations better. However, due to the arrival of a new classmate (JANG Jae-hee) she must reconsider her lies. (KFFF 2022)


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