14th Boston Asian American Film Festival – Opening Films 2022

Dealing with Dad by Tom Huang, and Reyna by Jenielle Ramos Salarda will open the Boston Asian American Film Festival which will take place in cinemas from October 20 – 23, and online from October 20 – 31, 2022.

Opening Ceremony
October 20, 2022 | 7:00 pm at Brattle Theatre (40 Brattle St. Cambridge, MA)
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Dealing with Dad by Tom Huang – USA | 2022 – 106 minutes

MARGARET CHANG is rocked from her perfect alpha-mom-corporate-manager life when she has to go back to her hometown to deal with her overbearing dad, JIALUO. Her dad is kind of an outspoken jerk but is now despondent and won’t leave the house. Since she can’t deal with her parents by herself, she drags along her older sad sack brother, ROY to help her. When they arrive to their childhood home, they discover that their mom SOPHIE (equally overbearing) and youngest angry comic book nerd brother LARRY (still living with parents) are happy with this situation… as it turns out, their dad is much more pleasant depressed than well. The siblings struggle to deal with his depression, and wonder if it’s even worth getting him better. In the meantime, they reconnect as a family by bickering and reminiscing about the bad times with Dad, discovering that their familial bond is stronger than they ever realized. (BAAFF 2022)


Reyna by Jenielle Ramos Salarda – USA | 2022 – 6 minutes

Reyna is a 2D animated short film about Vina, this year’s lead Queen in the Santacruzan festival, who struggles to get ready after members in the community make negative comments about her appearance. Joy, Vina’s supportive sister, helps her to get ready and encourages Vina to embrace herself as she is by discussing the historical context and origin of these harmful comments before leading the festivities. (BAAFF 2022)

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