Call for Entry

21st Pune International Film Festival – Call for Entry 2023

The Pune International Film Festival (India) is accepting films until October 31, 2022.

About the festival:
Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) was started in 2002 with the idea of building and promoting a healthy film culture in Pune. Our objective is to give film lovers in the city access to global cinema and spark a cultural exchange. With discussions, lectures and master classes on varied topics related to the craft, we try to instill an academic flavor in the festival.

Every edition of PIFF has a unique contemporary theme. Through categories like World Competition, Marathi Competition, Global Cinema, Country Focus and Retrospective, we bring forth quality films from various countries and cultures. An acclaimed international jury decides awards for films in the competitive sections.

Eligibility (World Competition):
– Film must be a feature film of minimum 70 minutes in length.
– Film must be produced between 1st January, 2021and 31th October, 2022.
– Film must have Censorship visa / certificate of the country where the film has been produced.
– Film screened in earlier editions of “PIFF” is not eligible.
– Film must not have been previously screened publicly in Pune or released ( DVD/Blu ray or television or internet broadcast).
– Dubbed/ remade versions are not eligible for entry.
– Maximum of three entries would be allowed from an applicant.
– All entries must be either in English or with English subtitles. Non-English entries submitted without English subtitles are not eligible.
– Promotional, educational, Student and documentary films are not eligible for submission.
– The last date for receipt of applications along with preview DVD or link with password is 31th October, 2022; if it is a holiday, the next working day will be treated as the last date for receipt of entry. Applications received after the last date would be rejected.
– Films selected for festival will be screened Online & in Theaters . The submitter of the film accept to provide both DCP & MP4 file with English subtitles.
– Festival rules & regulations are subjected to change due to CoVid pandemic .
Submission Fee: FREE
Deadline: October 31, 2022
Notification Date: December 9, 2022

We recommend reading the full Rules and Regulations here:

We remind readers that the 21st Pune International Film Festival will take place from January 12 – 19, 2023 in Pune, India.

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