Skip City International D-Cinema Festival – Awards 2022

We present the winners of the Skip City International D-Cinema Festival which took place in cinemas from July 16 – 24, and online from July 21 – 27, 2022.

International Competition

Grand Prize

Softie by Samuel Theis – France | 2021

Ten-year-old Johnny lives with his mother and two siblings in a poor neighborhood in Eastern France. Sensitive and clever, he is interested in many things, but one day he becomes fascinated by a new teacher from the city. (SkipCity 2022)


Best Director

Magnetic Beats by Vincent Mael Cardona – France, Germany | 2021

In a rural town in Brittany, brothers Jerome and Phillippe are keen on unlicensed radio broadcasting, with Jerome as a charismatic DJ and Philippe as a technical operator. But Philippe has to go to West Berlin for military service. (SkipCity 2022)


Special Jury Prize

Utama by Alejandro Loayza Grisi – Bolivia, Uruguay, France | 2022

In a small village in the Bolivian highlands, an elderly Quechua couple, Virginio and Sisa, have lived a peaceful life with their llamas for years. When the village is hit by an unprecedented drought, their peaceful life is threatened. (SkipCity 2022)


Audience Award

Her Way by Cécile Ducrocq – France | 2021

Marie is a single mother who is proud of her profession as a sex worker. When her son Adrien, who is passionate about cooking, gets expelled from school, she tries to enroll him in a topnotch cookery school, but the problem is its costly tuition. (SkipCity 2022)


Japanese Film Competition

Skip City Award

Journey by Shogo Kiriu – Japan | 2022

Set in a near future in which we can separate consciousness from the body. Giving up on being an astronaut, Keiji works on earth and lives with his emotionally unstable wife, Shizuka. One day, Keiji hears a rumor about a new space development, while Shizuka begins to yearn for a consciousness-only existence. (SkipCity 2022)


Best Picture (Feature Film)

Double Life by Enen Yo – Japan, China | 2022

Shiori’s husband decides not to attend a workshop they were supposed to join together. Shiori asks Junnosuke, a fill-in introduced by Shiori’s colleague, to join the workshop as her acting husband. Satisfied with Junnosuke, Shiori secretly rents an apartment and begins a pseudo-marital life with him. (SkipCity 2022)


Best Picture (Short Film)

3 Intestine Road, Fish Island by Moe Wakabayashi – Japan | 2022

Hogert meets Fishelina in the belly of another fish, and the two give birth to a tadpole boy. The family lives peacefully, but one day, Hogert and the little boy eat a piece of fruit that has drifted ashore, which changes their lives forever. (SkipCity 2022)


Audience Award (Feature Film)

VATA by Takeshi Kamei – Japan, Madagascar | 2022

A small village in southeastern Madagascar. An elder gathers the men and tells them to bring back the remains of Nirina, a young girl who has died in the distant land where she worked. With this order, Nirina’s brother Tantely and three men set out on a journey, musical instruments in hand. (SkipCity 2022)


Audience Award (Short Film)

Storage Man by Tatsuro Manno – Japan | 2022

Morishita, a temp worker at an automobile factory, lives with his wife and daughter. His job contract is cut due to the coronavirus pandemic and he loses his job. His wife wants a divorce, and he is evicted from the company residence, leaving him with no choice but to start living in a storage room. (SkipCity 2022)


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