24th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival – Official Selection of Discovery, Asian Shorts, and I-TEENS

We present the films selected for the Discovery, Asian Shorts, and I-TEENS Section that will be screened at the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival (Korea) which will take place from August 25 until September 1, 2022.

Discovey Section (Chosen by Programmer Hyunmin Kim of Preliminary Jury)
Babysitter by Monia Chokri – Canada, France | 2022
Carajita by Ulises Porra and Silvina Schnicer – Dominican Republic, Argentina | 2021
Jet Lag by Zheng Lu Xinyuan – Switzerland | 2022
Marvelous and the Black Hole by Kate Tsang – USA | 2021
The Den by Beatrice Baldacci – Italy | 2021
To Kill the Beast by Agustina San Martin – Argentina, Brazil, Chile | 2021
Unlock Your Heart by Shuto Rin – Japan | 2021
Waters of Pastaza by Inês Alves – Portugal | 2022
가단빌라 by 이효진 – South Korea
같은 속옷을 입는 두 여자 by 김세인 – South Korea
비밀의 언덕 by 이지은 – South Korea
사랑의 고고학 by 이완민 – South Korea

Asian Shorts Section (Chosen by Film Critics Sohee Kim, Film Director Moa Son, and Programmer Miyojo Hwang of Preliminary Juries)
(BLANK) by 이가은 (Lee Ga-eun) – South Korea | 2021
Beauty Queen by Myra AQUINO – Philippines | 2021
Dirty Laundry by Kyaw Shoon Le Yee- Singapore
It’s Raining Frogs Outside by Maria Estela Paiso – Philippines | 2021
Left Handed by Nasrin Mohammadpour – Iran | 2022
Moon Night by Nagai Manaka – Germany | 2022
Nazarbazi by Maryam Tafakory – Iran | 2022
Spider by Goto Minami – Japan | 2021
The Dress by Shih Fang Ting – Taiwan | 2022
각질 by 문수진 – South Korea
그렇고 그런 사이 by 김인혜 – South Korea
꼬마이모 by 안선유 – South Korea
로봇이 아닙니다. by 강예솔 – South Korea
버킷 by 김보영 – South Korea
서울에도 오로라가 뜬다 by 이현경 – South Korea
소문의 진원지 by 함희윤 – South Korea
쓰는 일 by 유재인 – South Korea
윤희와 보경 by 윤소영 – South Korea
잘 지내고 싶지만 by 이현주 – South Korea
탑 중의 탑 by 박은새 – South Korea

I-Teens Section (Chosen by Programmer Hyunmin Kim of Preliminary Jury)
명: 우린 같지만 달라 by 박혜진, 김규림, 김민교 – South Korea
바라던 바다 by 도채언 – South Korea
사실 영화관엔 귀신이 산다 by 김나라 – South Korea
소라소리 by 김정민 – South Korea
열네 살, 옥이 by 홍인지 – South Korea
하은의 영화 by 임하은 – South Korea

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