10 Short films you shouldn’t miss at the 23rd Japan Film Festival Hamburg

These are ten short films you shouldn’t miss at the 23rd Japan Film Festival Hamburg which will take place from June 22 – 26, 2022 in Hamburg, Germany.

– Selected Films –

Akane Stands by Sora by Shōji Takaoka – Japan | 2021 – 40 minutes

Sora, a first-year member of society who got fired from a company in Tokyo, She happens to meet her local childhood friend Akane, but she gets frustrated by Akane’s cheerful and fun appearance, and in a single word she quarrels. (JFFH 2022)

Ame no ManiMani by Yūki Kanazawa – Japan | 2021 – 6 minutes

18 years old, June, on my way home. Today is a usual,ordinary day. But One thing, different from usual is that today is Koichis’birthday. An important day for Natsumi. After school, it’s raining. Natsumi awaites Koichi at the school gate. She want to give him a present, but he’s holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands. She’s not sure who gave him these, so hesitates. “Let’s go” It’s Koichi’s words that kicks off the time for the two, so ordinary, yet so special. (JFFH 2022)

Breathless by Shunnosuke Iwata – Japan | 2020 – 16 minutes

Hiro(27)is suffering from reduction in her work due to COVID-19. So, she decided to start selling her stuffs at an online auction. She found a foul-smelling water jug while looking for something for sale. The water jug is found to contain green paint, and she leaves her house to return it to the owner. (JFFH 2022)

Female by Yutaka Tsunemachi – Japan | 2019 – 12 minutes

In this her days well in her own way. One day, she finds an angrily handwritten notice which could change the world she lives in. This story is the prologue to her life’s world, everyone has unspeakable emotions. Mika is a “female” living in this world and she has been spending. (JFFH 2022)

Hana & Ice by Misaki Izumiya – Japan | 2021 – 20 minutes

Hana, a transfer high school student from Tokyo, felt not to fit in her new classmates. Every after school, she danced ballet by herself at the empty classroom to distract her loneliness. Coincidentally, a boy saw her dancing and got close to her. Gradually, she has accepting and been accepted by people around. (JFFH 2022)

Ittekimasu by Ryūichi Takayama – Japan | 2021 – 16 minutes

Suddenly, there is a kind of upheaval in the world. A housewife is left behind. A strange but ordinary daily life in a world where she is all alone. In the midst of this process, she begins to have different thoughts and feelings. (JFFH 2022)

Love Song by Yuhei Makida – Japan | 2020 – 14 minutes

Sasaki, plagued by ghostly apparitions, the phony psychic Junjiro, whom he has asked to exorcise them, and Aki, the beauty with suicidal thoughts, whom he met three days earlier. Sasaki’s life is thrown into turmoil by these two. As time passes, the truth about Aki is gradually revealed… (JFFHJ 2022)

Nozomi by Naoto Tsukiashi – Japan | 2021 – 38 minutes

There once was a kind mother. She spent time with her daughter and was pretty and stylish. The best mother Nozomi could have… she was not. She was drowning in debt, out all night and neglected her daughter. Nozomi always imagined a kind mother. One day, a loan shark came to collect. To repay in full, Nozomi must scratch 100,000-yen worth of scratch-its. To regain the happy days with her mother, Nozomi must scratch no matter what. (JFFH 2022)

Purified Grass by Micihei Yamaguchi – Japan | 2021 – 35 minutes

One day, Sayuri, who works in Tokyo, receives the terrible news that her classmate, Rei, has disappeared. Worried about Rei, Sayuri returns home, where she meets her classmate Tsutomu, Rei’s fiancé. Tsutomu says that Rei suddenly disappeared and he doesn’t know why. Sayuri returns home at night. She sits down to eat, but is attacked by psychic phenomena… (JFFH 2022)

Sneeze! by Yūki Takashima – Japan | 2021 – 8 minutes

A few years after the collapse of society due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Punks, who lives in an abandoned building along the railroad track, got a medical mask “N95” that is being traded at a high price. When they tried to resell it, an unexpected visitor ──. (JFFH 2022)

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