Two Indian films were awarded at the 62nd Zlín Film Festival

Gandhi & Co“ by Manish Saini, and “The Tenant” by Sushrut Jain, were awarded at the 62nd Zlín Film Festival which took place from May 26 until June 1, 2022 in Zlín, Czech Republic.

Golden Slipper for Best Feature Film in the Children’s Category

Gandhi & Co. by Manish Saini – India | 2021 – 101 minutes

Mintoo & Mitra (both 11) are known for two things: their penchant for mischief and their friendship with Bharat Bhai, who is an embodiment of all the teachings of Gandhi. When Mintoo proclaims Mahatma Gandhi as his role model, he soon starts mimicking Gandhi’s behavior but he is nowhere close to accepting Gandhi’s values. His deception earns him rewards but little does he know how his behavior is leading him into troubled waters. Bharat Bhai takes it upon himself to teach the unprincipled boys a valuable lesson in honesty and harmony. As he rolls up his sleeves to watch events unfold, all he can hear is the voice of Gandhi saying “In a gentle way you can shake the world”. (ZFF 2022)

Statement: International Jury for Feature Films for Children and Youth awards the main prize to a loving, true and human story that emphasizes to both child and adult viewers, with a precise amount of humor and pandering cliches, the universal values that are so necessary for our world.

Special Jury Prize in a Feature Film in the Junior and Youth Category

The Tenant by Sushrut Jain – India, USA | 2021 – 112 minutes

Bharat is a 13-year-old boy struggling with adolescence in a conservative Mumbai suburb. When Meera, a beautiful cosmopolitan woman from the big city, moves in next door, she immediately causes a stir. Bharat is drawn to her and pursues an unlikely friendship. But when he stumbles upon a dark secret from Meera’s past, Bharat is forced to choose: Is she a woman of bad character like everyone says, or is she the smart, sensitive person he knows? (ZFF 2022)

Statement: Sushrut Jain’s The Tenant ist hatrarest of things: an elegant and engaging comedy of manners that treats both its adult and adolescent audiences with equal attention and respect. This film showcases a fine comic ensemble cast while also asking searching questions about the relationship between social media and sexual politics in modern-day Mumbai.


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