22nd Nippon Connection Film Festival – Programme 2022

We present the programme of the 22nd Nippon Connection Film Festival which will take place from May 24 – 29, 2022 in Frankfurt. The festival will also present more than 60 workshops, concerts, lectures and performances.

After two online editions, the 22nd Nippon Connection Film Festival will bring the most exciting current Japanese films and culture programs to the city again. Around 100 short and feature-length films showcase the complete range of Japanese cinema – from newcomers to established directors, from anime to documentaries. The film program includes one world premiere, 24 international, eleven European and 30 German premieres. This year’s thematic focus “Stories Of Youth – Coming Of Age In Japan”, supported by the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain, deals with the lives and challenges of young people in Japan.

The events take place at twelve locations in Frankfurt. The festival centers are at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and NAXOS. Further locations are the Mal Seh’n Kino, the Cinema at the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum and the International Theater Frankfurt. For the first time, screenings and events will also take place at Eldorado Arthouse Kino, Saalbau Bornheim, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Ruby Louise Hotel and Lindley Lindenberg.

The complete program and tickets will be available starting May 7, 2022 on the festival homepage For the safety of the guests, the audience, and the staff, wearing a mask (medical or FFP2 mask) is mandatory in all indoor areas.

As a special addition, a part of the film program will be available under the title Nippon Connection On Demand from May 30 to June 6, 2022 on the festival’s platform Watch.NipponConnection. The streaming line-up will be revealed on May 29, 2022.

Any Crybabies Around? by Takuma SATO, Japan 2020, German premiere
The Asadas by Ryota NAKANO, Japan 2020, German premiere
A Balance by Yujiro HARUMOTO, Japan 2020
The End Of The Pale Hour by Hana MATSUMOTO, Japan 2021, International premiere
Intolerance by Keisuke YOSHIDA, Japan 2020, European premiere
Just Remembering by Daigo MATSUI, Japan 2021, German premiere
Last Of The Wolves by Kazuya SHIRAISHI, Japan 2021, German premiere
A Madder Red by Yuya ISHII, Japan 2021, European premiere
The Mole Song: Final by Takashi MIIKE, Japan 2021, German premiere
My Brother, The Android And Me by Junji SAKAMOTO, Japan 2020, European premiere
Mystery Train by Jim Jarmusch, USA / Japan 1989
Film concert: Okabre Plays A Page Of Madness
Parasite In Love
by Kensaku KAKIMOTO, Japan 2021, European premiere
Popran by Shinichiro UEDA, Japan 2022, German premiere
Sensei, Would You Sit Beside Me? by Takahiro HORIE, Japan 2021, European premiere
Small, Slow But Steady by Sho MIYAKE, Japan / Frankreich 2022
The Sunday Runoff by Yuichiro SAKASHITA, Japan 2021, German premiere
Talking The Pictures by Masayuki SUO, Japan 2019, German premiere
They Say Nothing Stays The Same by Joe ODAGIRI, Japan 2019
Under The Stars by Tatsushi OMORI, Japan 2020, German premiere
We Made A Beautiful Bouquet by Nobuhiro DOI, Japan 2020, German premiere
What She Likes… by Shogo KUSANO, Japan 2021, German premiere
Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy by Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI, Japan 2021

Belle by Mamoru HOSODA, Japan 2021
Dozens Of Norths by Koji YAMAMURA, Japan / France 2021, German premiere
Inu-Oh by Masaaki YUASA, Japan / China 2021
Millennium Actress by Satoshi KON, Japan 2001
My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao MIYAZAKI, Japan 1988
Sing A Bit Of Harmony by Yasuhiro YOSHIURA, Japan 2021, German premiere

Short films:
3 Intestine Road, Fish Island by Moe WAKABAYASHI, Japan 2022, International premiere
919 by Tai ISHII, Japan 2022, International premiere
Before Dawn by Wei XU, Japan 2022, International premiere
A Bite Of Bone by Honami YANO, Japan 2021
Boogerly Love by Kano IKEDA, Japan 2022, International premiere
Fourth Period Swimming Class by Mayo KOBAYASHI, Japan 2022, International premiere
HA・NA・KU・SO by Amane ODA, Japan 2022, International premiere
I Wanted To Be Wanted. by higoAKARI, Japan 2022, International premiere
Iizuna Fair by Sumito SAKAKIBARA, Japan 2021, German premiere
Invisible by Zeng Liang LIN, Japan 2022, International premiere
Krasue by Ryo HIRANO, Japan 2021
Liminal Park by Moe KISHIMOTO, Japan 2022, International premiere
Monorail by Shizuko TABATA, Japan 2020
nowhere by Asaki NISHINO, Japan 2022, International premiere
On Time Off Time by Hirotoshi IWASAKI, Japan 2020
Poetics Of The Garden by Sachiyo KUROSAWA, Japan 2022, International premiere
Poo Down Hill Up by Yuta MASUDA, Japan 2022, International premiere
Pukkulapottas And Hours In The Forest by Takeshi YASHIRO, Japan 2021
RED TABLE by Hakhyun KIM, Japan 2021
Stained Smell by Amane ABE, Japan 2022, International premiere
Still Life by Masa KUDO, Japan 2021
Winter Star by Jiayin CHEN, Japan 2022, International premiere

Angry Son by Kasho IIZUKA, Japan 2022, International premiere
Backlight by Ren SUDO, Japan 2021, German premiere
Just The Two Of Us by Keita FUJIMOTO, Japan 2020, German premiere
Let Me Hear It Barefoot by Riho KUDO, Japan 2021, German premiere
Melting Sounds by Kahori HIGASHI, Japan 2021, European premiere
Mr. Suzuki -A Man In God’s Country– by Omoi SASAKI, Japan 2020
Ninja Girl by Yu IRIE, Japan 2021, European premiere
One Day, You Will Reach The Sea by Ryutaro NAKAGAWA, Japan 2022, German premiere
Pure Japanese by Daishi MATSUNAGA, Japan 2022, International premiere
Ring Wandering by Masakazu KANEKO, Japan 2021, German premiere
Song of a Dying Summer by Kohei SENGEN, Japan 2021, International premiere
Unlock Your Heart by Rin SHUTO, Japan 2021, International premiere

Short films:
Everything In Its Right Place by Willy LAU, Japan 2021, German premiere
Funny by Keisuke SAKUMA, Japan 2021,EP
Go Seppuku Yourselves by Toshiaki TOYODA, Japan 2021, German premiere
Goodbye! by Fuka NAKATSUKA, Japan 2021
Last Judgement by Shinya KAWAKAMI, Japan 2019, European premiere
Like In Movies by Yo KOMAYA, Japan 2021, German premiere
Manga Girls by Takashi OKADO und Yuki KEDOIN, Japan 2021, German premiere
Psychology Counselor by Zenzo SAKAI, Japan 2021, International premiere
School Radio To Major Tom by Takuya CHISAKA, Japan 2020, German premiere
Volte-Face by Kanshi IWASAKI, Japan 2021
Wao by Emi YASUMURA, Japan 2020, German premiere

Double Layered Town / Making A Song To Replace Our Positions by Haruka KOMORI, Natsumi SEO, Japan 2019, German premiere
I Go Gaga, Welcome Home Mom by Naoko NOBUTOMO, Japan 2022, International premiere
Origami by Tadasuke KOTANI, Japan 2022, World premiere
Paper City by Adrian Francis, Australia, Japan 2021, German premiere
Salaryman by Allegra Pacheco, 2021, German premiere
Satoshi Kon, The Illusionist by Pascal-Alex Vincent, Japan / France 2021, German premiere
Target by Shinji NISHIJIMA, Japan 2021, European premiere
Tokyo Kurds by Fumiari HYUGA, Japan 2021, European premiere

The Approach Of Autumn by Mikio Naruse, Japan 1960
Canary by Akihiko SHIOTA, Japan 2004
Children Hand in Hand by Susumu HANI, Japan 1964
Muddy River by Kohei Oguri, Japan 1981
Pastoral Hide And Seek by Shuji TERAYAMA, Japan 1974
A Town Of Love And Hope by Nagisa OSHIMA, Japan 1959
The Young And Wild by Nobuhiko OBAYASHI, Japan 1986
Young Murderer by Kazuhiko HASEGAWA, Japan 1976

Nippon Live On Stage: Die Yamasakis / Nippon Live On Stage: Final Fantasy Meets Anime / Nippon Live On Stage: Ichitaro & Friends / Nippon Live On Stage: Karin NAKAGAWA / Nippon Open Air

Cooking class: Bento / Cooking class: Miso / Cooking class: Nerikiri & Ohagi / Tasting workshop: Japanese liquor / Tasting workshop: Sake / Tasting workshop: Suntory Masterclass / Workshop: Japanese tea / Lecture: Soy sauce

Gyotaku Workshop/ Haiku Walk / Ikebana Workshop / JLMI Online – Interactive Course For Japanese Learners / Kamihimo Workshop / Kintsugi Workshop/ Manga workshop: Storyboarding / Nihon Buyo Workshop / Shodo Workshop / Workshop: Workshop: Tidy up the Japanese way / Workshop: Japanese Literature Translation / Workshop: Zen Meditation / Kakashiza: Hand Shadow Workshop

A Black Kite – Pulsation Of Souls by Usaginingen / Kakashiza: Hand Shadow ANIMARE / Nihon Buyo Performance / Rakugo

Lectures, Panel discussions and moreCool Japan Made In Unterföhring / The Role Of Samurai Women During The Edo Period / Explore Shizuoka / Graphic Design in Japanese TV Dramas / H.P. Miyabe TARO And The Frankfurt Art Scene / Japanese Toys Through The Ages / Magic Lanterns in Japan / Lyric Walks Through Tokyo / New And Unknown Destinations For Your Next Trip To Japan / Lecture: Representations Of Okinawa In Film / Dream Job Mangaka?! / From Manga To Animation: Two Manga Artists And Their Dream Factory / Online Lecture: An Artistic And Musical Journey Through Okinawa / Online Lecture: Paranoia And The Information Society / Online Workshop: Subtitling / Panel Discussion: Stories Of Youth / Panel Discussion: Women Raising Their Voice / Online Film Talk: Masatoshi NAGASE / Film Talks

Nippon Food & More / Nippon Heimkino / Nippon Online Market / Rajio Taiso – Japanese Radio
Calisthenics / Special Guided Tour: Japanese Dolls And Toys / Exhibition: I Lived In The Ocean

My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao MIYAZAKI, Japan 1988
Gyotaku Workshop for Kids / Workshop: Japanese Moon Picture / Manga Workshop: Yokai / Online Lecture: How Do Children Live In Japan? / Shodo Workshop for Kids / Workshop: Japanese Children’s Songs

Note: Most of the films will be shown in the original Japanese version with English subtitles. Belle and Mystery Train will be shown in the original Japanese version with German subtitles. My Neighbor Totoro will be shown in the German version.

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