Call for Entry

12th Tokyo Docs– Call for Projects 2022

The International Documentary Forum “TokyoDocs” is accepting documentary projects in Pre-Production stage, until June 24, 2022.

About the Tokyo Docs
Tokyo Docs is an international event designed to support the overseas expansion of documentaries, including international co-productions. It allows Japanese and Asian documentary filmmakers to network with decision makers from Japan and abroad to help secure funding for Japanese and Asian documentaries’ production and support their broadcast, distribution, screening, and sales overseas.

Scope of Entries
Accepts proposals for new documentaries aiming for international co-production. As a basic rule, proposed projects should be at a pre-production stage. Still, it is also possible to submit projects that combine new material with footage already broadcasted domestically in the filmmakers’ own country or a rework of such films. * Entries consisting of completed films or the sale of format rights will not be accepted.

Entries of one-off films or series on any valid topic are accepted, including current affairs, social issues, history, natural science, and travelogue. However, travelogues for tourism promotion are not submitted.

– Producers or individuals affiliated with a film production company.
– In principle, producers residing in Japan and other Asian countries or producers who propose projects related to Japan and other Asian countries are eligible. If applying as a private individual, please attach a history of your previous works.
– Producers affiliated with a broadcasting company should, in principle, apply in cooperation with their production company.

Application Method
– To submit your project, fill out the online application form with required details released by April 1st on the website.
– Applications by email or post will not be accepted.
– Entries without all of the necessary information, entries exceeding the word count, and entries without the required photographic data will also not be accepted.
– Please submit your entry in Japanese, English, or both Japanese and English.

Required Information and Photographic Date
Please check the link below.

June 24, 2022 (13:00 Japan Time)

Selection Criteria
The Selection Committee, consisting of Tokyo Docs Executing Committee members, will make the selections after conferring with overseas producers. The most important criterion is “a high-quality documentary that deserves international distribution.” Selectors will also consider whether the documentary is “a project appropriate for realization through international co-production.”

International Decision Makers
About 30 people from Europe, North America, and Asia are expected to participate. They include producers from broadcasters with rights to adopt programs, decision makers for VOD and OTT platforms, producers from foundations that invest in projects, and international distributors of documentary works.

Pitch Video
The selected filmmakers will be requested to create a “pitch video” before the event. A “pitch video” is a 7 minute video consisting of a 3minute trailer with a preamble and postamble. After the selection process, you will work with your Tokyo Docs tutor to refine the content of your video.

Development Funding
Tokyo Docs will provide the selected Japanese filmmakers’ projects with a reserve fund for trailer production. In addition, for those projects that the decision makers highly evaluate, a development fee will be provided for international development. The total amount of all funding is 5 million yen.

Registration Fees
There is no application or registration fees.

To read more about the Rules & Regulations and fill the Entry Form please follow the next link:

We remind readers that the 12th Tokyo Docs will take place online from November 1st – 2nd, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan.

To see other Call for Entries please follow the next link: “Call for Entries”.

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