16 Films you shouldn’t miss at the 24th Far East Film Festival

These are sixteen films you shouldn’t miss at the Far East Film Festival which will take place from April 22 – 30, 2022 in Udine, Italy.

– Selected Films –

April 22, 2022 | Friday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 3:00 pm

On the Job: The Missing 8 by Erik Matti – Philippines | 2021 – 209 minutes

After winning awards in Venice, Matti’s masterpiece arrives at the FEFF: a violent and nihilistic fresco based on a true story of a corrupt town without hope. In La Paz, Mayor Eusebio rules like the head of a dynasty. Only newspaper LPN stands against him, and the disappearance of eight of its reporters reveals a conspiracy involving the highest levels of Philippine society. (FEFF 2022)


April 23, 2022 | Saturday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 5:15 pm

Perhaps Love by Cho Eun-ji – South Korea | 2021 – 113 minutes

Writer Kim has no end of problems: he has writer’s block and his contract’s about to expire, he and his wife are separating even though they still love each other, his teenage son doesn’t seem very bright, and a young gay student of his has fallen for him even though he’s straight. How will he manage to sort everything out? Excellent performances and a bittersweet comedy in the directorial debut of actress Cho Eun-ji. (FEFF 2022)


April 23, 2022 | Saturday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 11:15 pm

Cracked by Surapong Ploensang – Thailand | 2022 – 93 minutes

Is Ploensang Surapong a fan of Pupi Avati? Has he seen The House with Laughing Windows? When Ruja’s father, a famous artist, dies, she returns to Thailand to sort out the inheritance. A family friend advises her to sell a series of paintings, but Ruja is tormented by a dark presence. How many sinister truths lurk behind the canvass? (FEFF 2022)


April 24, 2022 | Sunday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 11:00 am

The Apartment With Two Women by Kim Se-in – South Korea | 2021 – 140 minutes

A war without quarter between teenage Yi-jung and her mother Su-kyung: Su-kyung has always been cold and distant and her daughter has grown up hating her. The two fight constantly, but things explode into an emotional free-for-all after a car accident that’s no accident at all. At the end of the day, the tragedy of life is that each of us has our own miseries, and the pain can drive us crazy. (FEFF 2022)


April 24, 2022 | Sunday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 5:00 pm

Miracle: Letters to the President by Lee Jang-hoon – South Korea | 2021 – 117 minutess

The Korean countryside of the 1980s. The village where student maths prodigy Jun Kyung lives is on the train line – but the trains don’t stop there. Where there’s a will there’s a way, though, and Jun wants a station at any cost, including writing dozens of letters to the president of South Korea. A dramedy that performs the miracle of getting into audience’s hearts and prompting smiles and a few tears.


April 24, 2022 | Sunday | Visionario | 7:20 pm

White Building by Kavich Neang – Cambodia | 2021 –  91 minutes

The certainties of 20-yearold Samsung are crumbling like the foundations of the White Building, the historic tenement in Phnom Penh where he lives, and which is destined for demolition. Blending documentary realism with dreamlike moments, life in this microcosm is portrayed with the same energy Samsung puts into dance rehearsals for a talent show – energy he must use to face the changes ahead. (FEFF 2022)


April 24, 2022 | Sunday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 11:59 pm

Popran by Ueda Shinichiro – Japan | 2022 – 95 minutes

The protagonist of Kafka’s Metamorphosis wakes up to discover he has become an insect. Could there be a worse way to start the day? Ask Tagami Akira, the protagonist of Popran who wakes up one morning to discover that he has lost his… “roommate,” an exclusively male anatomical element! After One Cut of The Dead, Ueda returns to the FEFF with this irresistible, lively, edgy moral comedy. (FEFF 2022)


April 25, 2022 | Monday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 11:20 am

My Small Land by Kawawada Emma – Japan | 2022 – 114 minutes

My Small World is an intimate and warm portrait of a family and a teenager but above all a grim snapshot of the refugee situation in Japan. Sarya has lived around Tokyo since he was five but is of Kurdish descent. He goes to school, works part time and takes care of his siblings: he leads a normal life. But when his father’s asylum application is rejected, his world collapses. (FEFF 2022)


April 26, 2022 | Tuesday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 5:00 pm

Leonor Will Never Die by Martika Ramirez Escobar – Philippines | 2022 – 99 minutes

A phantasmagoric celebration of the power of cinema and imagination. An unstoppable journey between art and reality that skips between narrative levels. In real life there is Leonor, elderly action movie writer; then there is Leonor in a coma catapulted into a film she wrote, and then her son who is making that very film. And though it might not look like it, the whole thing is very straightforward and full of love. (FEFF 2022)

April 26, 2022 | Tuesday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 9:50 pm

Incantation by Kevin Ko – Taiwan | 2022 – 110 minutes

Beware: what you do and what you see can be fatal! After a period in a clinic, Ruo-nan finally manages to embrace her daughter again. She’s been waiting for the moment so long that she wants to film it all, but the mysterious curse that hangs over her falls on her little girl. A road paved with suffering and terror seems to stretch ahead of them, and madness lurks in the unbearable pain. (FEFF 2022)


April 27, 2022 | Wednesday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 11:20 am

Kim Jong-Boon of Wangshimni by Kim Jin-yeoul – South Korea | 2021 – 102 minutes

For 50 years, Ms. Kim Jongboon’s stall has been a corner of paradise in Wangshimni offering steamed corn and rice cakes. Kim continues to work on her stall imagining the world that her daughter, activist Kim Kuejeong, dreamed of and for which she died in the 1990s civil rights demonstrations. What more sincere and affectionate way to remember her than through her mother’s eyes? (FEFF 2022)


April 27, 2022 | Wednesday | Visionario | 7:20 pm

Yuni by Kamila Andini – Indonesia | 2021 – 95 minutes

Yuni is a teenager from provincial Indonesia who wants to emancipate herself through studying. The society around her wants her to follow the rules of the patriarchy, but Yuni rejects marriage proposals, violating community conventions. A sensitive and courageous portrait of a young woman and her struggle in a country where any representation of female sexuality is truly disruptive. (FEFF 2022)


April 28, 2022 | Thursday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 11:00 am

Manchurian Tiger by Geng Jun – China | 2022 – 118 minutes

Xu Dong loves his dog more than he loves his best friend and his pregnant wife. But when his wife asks him to give the animal to his friend, the friend has the unhappy idea of serving it to his creditors for dinner. Xu Dong wants revenge, but must also guard his back against his betrayed wife. Dark Kaurismäkiesque humour in a grotesque black comedy that triumphed at the Shanghai festival. (FEFF 2022)

April 28, 2022 | Thursday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 9:55 pm

Missing by Katayama Shinzo – Japan | 2021 – 123 minutes

Depressed and in debt, a man confesses to his teenage daughter that he wants to collect the bounty on a ruthless serial killer. His daughter thinks he’s joking, but when he disappears shortly afterwards she sets off in search of him. Missing explores human nature with the brutality and shocking narrative twists of a thriller where the duality of Good and Evil offers up more grey areas than certainties. (FEFF 2022)


April 29, 2022 | Friday| Tetro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 11:15 am

Sonatine by Takeshi Kitano – Japan | 1993 – 94 minutes

A classical tragedy set in modern times! Yakuza enforcer Murakawa is sent off by his boss to be a sacrificial victim. Living in an isolated beach house and in love with a girl, he waits to meet his fate. Kitano revolutionizes the syntax of noir by introducing a solemn rhythm and a contemplative beauty that contrasts with the stylized violence of death. Features a wonderful soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi. (FEFF 2022)


April 30, 2022 | Saturday | Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine | 2:45 pm

The First girl I loved by Candy Ng, Yeung Chiu-hoi – South Korea | 2021 – 95 minutes

Why does Nam take it so badly when Yuet asks her to be her bridesmaid? The answer lies in the past when the two women were young girls, excellent students and, above all, best friends. And in that storm of emotion, confusion and impetuosity we call adolescence Yuet declared herself, triggering a chaste but intense love… (FEFF 2022)


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