34th FilmFest Dresden – Asian Presence 2022

We present the list of Asian films that will be screened at the FilmFest Dresden International Short Film Festival (Germany) which will take place from April 5 – 10, 2022.

International Competition
A Bird Fell in the Rain by Ankit Poudel – Nepal, USA | 2022 – 20 minutes
A woman experiences a rift in her marriage when she becomes pregnant. Dealing with an absent partner and a demanding profession, her breakdown is imminent. This rift however threatens to shatter a wall between their lives and our own.

Anxious Body by Yoriko Mizushiri – Japan, France | 2021 – 6 minutes
Living things, artificial things, geometry shapes and lines. When these different things encounter each other, a new direction is born.

Lemongrass Girl by Pom Bunsermvicha – Thailand | 2021 – 18 minutes
As clouds begin to gather, a young production manager is left with no choice but to take on the burden of becoming the lemongrass girl.

Strawberry Cheesecake by Siyou Tan – Singapore | 2021 – 10 minutes
In Singapore, where even vapes are illegal, three rebellious schoolgirls are caught smoking by the principal. Their revenge prank takes a sinister turn.

Transparent, I am by Yuri Muraoka – Japan | 2020 – 12 minutes
In 2020 when the world was forced to “change”, I wrote a poem. The mask became the screen projecting my past. My family are hurt sometimes but support me when I suffer from schizophrenia.

Unanswered Telephone by Seunn Lee – South Korea | 2020 – 5 minutes
When people speak, visible images come out of their mouths. This animation follows the flow of the main character’s imagination.

Panorama International
Eyes and Horns by Chaerin Im – Germany, Korea, USA | 2021 – 6 minutes
This exploration of masculinity begins with the mythical Minotaur creature. It goes through a violent struggle between being male and female. Finally, lines blur and the boundaries of the sexes disappear.

Squish! by Tulapop Saenjaroen – Thailand, Singapore | 2021 – 18 minutes
By redefining the term “movement”, the film is a meditation on the self through lurid and liquid forms; filtered through both old and foreseeable technology informed by Thai animation history and contemporary culture

Queen of Dots by Michael Lyons – Japan | 2020 – 2 minutes
The Queen of Dots is also a queen of Instagram and Tumblr. Completed in 02022020. Two minutes and two seconds. Love forever.

Cinema Digestif 2 – Seriously? WTF! You are what you eat.
Carnivorous Bean Sprout by Seo Sae-rom – Korea | 2021 – 5 minutes
Have you ever seen carnivorous bean sprouts? You will now! And you will be thrilled.

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