28th Women Make Waves Film Festival – Awards 2021

These are the winners of the 28th Women Make Waves Film Festival which took place from October 15th – 24th, 2021 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Golden Award

A letter to A’ma by Chen Hui-Ling – Taiwan | 2021 – 105 minutes

Through a student art project guided by teacher CHEN, the collective memory of an island begins to emerge. After experiencing 400 years of colonization and 50 years of dictatorship, Taiwan is now becoming the front of a potential war between world powers. How will Taiwan rebuild its identity in the postcolonial era? (WMW 2021)


Silver Award

Sisters’ Busy Hands by Le Yi-Shan – Taiwan | 2020 – 37 minutes

Meng Meng Betel Nut Stand is run by three women – Meng Meng, a young lady who uses live streams to attract customers, and Li and Yin, who are two women in their middle-age. The betel nut stand where they work hard for survival becomes a comfort for the people in this small seaside town.


Silver Award

Before the Dawn by Chunni Lin, Huang Pang-Chuan – Taiwan | 2020 – 30 minutes

A woman, in Koenji, Tokyo, is searching for a mysterious writer: WENG Nao, a Taiwanese literature’s “illusory man” who died at 30 in Tokyo. Following the journey, the city has unfolded its history–once a wasteland of war which has no way to find its way back into ashes….


Special Mention of Jury

My Grandmother is an egg by Chang Wu-Ching – Taiwan | 2021 – 8 minutes

Eggs are fragile but meanwhile tough. My grandmother is an egg. My grandmother was a T’ung-yang-hsi. It is a traditional practice of pre-arranged marriage, selling young girls to another family to be raised as future daughters-in-law. The film aims to reflect the oppression of women (WMW 2021).


Audience award

The Child of Light by Herb Hsu – Taiwan | 2021 – 109 minutes

Yu-Lan is a successful dancer, but when her foster mother gets dementia, she has to retire and go back home. Yu-Lan is unexpectedly pregnant with a baby. Following her heart, she has entered the circle of destiny. Is birth adjacent to or far away from death? At last, maybe the shadow in life is the light that guides you.


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