13th Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival – Opening Films

Fries Encounter” by Kim Jiyeon, Didier Woo, “The Human Resource” by Adriana Da Fonseca, and “Mullae-dong Medley” by An Jaeyoung, will open the 13th Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF), which will take place online from September 7th – 12th, 2021.

Due to the covid situation in Korea the festival will take place online at You UPP Website – Films are available only for people living in South Korea. The screenings are free.

Fries Encounter by Kim Jiyeon, Didier Woo – Korea | 2021 – 12 minutes

Fries, which are considered as just a side menu of fast food, actually were Belgian soul food. Koreans and Belgians encounter through fries.

The Human Resource by Adriana Da Fonseca – Belgium | 2020 – 25 minutes

Camille, a sensitive, dreamy, and seemingly misfit young woman, has no choice : she must work. Nobody avoids social rules very long. She is dropped overnight into the cruel and merciless world of business.

Mullae-dong Medley by An Jaeyoung – Korea | 2021 – 11 minutes

Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, is like an island where manufaturing, ironwork, and bearing factories share and cooperate in one place. Mullae-dong is a place where sweat and consideration created sadness and joy. The mechanical sounds that spread from factory to factory continue like a medley, as well as their sorrows. That Mullae-dong is disappearing.

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