18th EBS International Documentary Festival – Opening Film 2021

First We Eat by Suzanne Crocker will open the 18th EBS International Documentary Festival which will take place on site (Megabox, Ilsan Bella Citta) and online (EBS1 TV) from August 23rd – 29th, 2021 in Goyang, Korea.

About the festival:
The Festival has been established to promote the world’s best documentaries through a week-long programming of documentaries via EBS-TV, Korea’s representative public educational channel, on-line /mobile VOD Service and screening in theaters. It seeks to provide an opportunity for the documentaries to communicate with their audience as well as to encourage young documentary filmmakers all around the world to produce new works.

First We Eat by Suzanne Crocker – Canada | 2020 – 55 minutes

Putting food sovereignty to the test in the far North of Canada – filmmaker Suzanne Crocker, living just 300 km from the Arctic Circle, removes all food items from her house. For one year, she feeds her family of five, only food that can be hunted, fished, gathered, grown or raised around Dawson City, Yukon on the traditional territory of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in. Add three skeptical teenagers, one reluctant husband, no salt, no caffeine, no sugar and -40 degrees Celsius weather. Ultimately the story becomes a celebration of community and the surprising bounty of food that even a tiny community in the far North can provide. (EBS IDF 2021)

Screening Info:
Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 | EBS1 TV | 00:45 am
Friday, August 27th, 2021 | Megabox, Ilsan Bella Citta | 11:00 am


For more information about the festival please go to:

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