17th Indie-AniFest – Korea Independent Animation Film Festival – Asia Road & Asia Panorama Programme 2021

The 17th Indie-AniFest announced the finalists for the Asia Road & Asia Panorama sections. The festival will take place from September 9th – 14th, 2021.

About the festival:

Indie-AniFest (Korea Independent Animation Film Festival) organized by KIAFA, the Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers’ Association. Indie-AniFest presents spectacular independent animated films from Korea and Asia. The festival offers a diverse range of works and opportunities for filmmakers as well as a chance to interact with audiences. We strive for the values of independence, experimentation, passion, and vision by working together with independent animation directors.

This year the festival received more than 700 submissions from all around the world, 10 films were selected for the Asian Panorama and 39 films for the Asia Road section.

Asia Panorama
Canaria by Kazuki YUHARA / Japan
CYBER-EVE by Katya MIKHEEVA / Russian Federation
Ditch-Ivan Dorn by Ruslana MIRZAALIEVA / Russian Federation
Happiness by Andrey ZHIDKOV / Russian Federation
My Galactic Twin Galaction by Sasha SVIRSKY / Russian Federation
Naked by Kirill KHACHATUROV / Russian Federation
Return to the Peach Blossom Wonderland by Haomin PENG, Yue HUANG, Yuchao LUO / China
The Picture of Mountain and Sea by Chaya SHEN / Taiwan
Watchmaker at Time’s End by Shaheen SHERIFF / India
Replacements by Jonathan HAGARD / Japan, France  *Exhibition only

Asia Road
A Bite of Bone by Honami YANO / Japan
A Mysterious Hat by Yen-ting DU / Taiwan
Annah la Javanaise by Fatimah Tobing RONY / Indonesia
Bruise by Ping-an HUANG / Taiwan
Coffin by Yuanqing CAI, Nathan CRABOT, Houzhi HUANG, Mikolaj JANIW, Mandimby LEBON, Théo TRAN NGOC / China, France
Crab by Shiva SADEGH ASADI / Iran, Islamic Republic of
Dayfly by Baoxingchen YI / China
Drawn from Memory by Pouria KAZEMI / Iran, United Kingdom
Emsahar by Hassan Al-JAHNI/Qatar
Extravagantly Ordinary Night by Yu-an JAO / Taiwan
Fledge by Hani DOMBE, Tom KOURIS / Israel
Full Circle by Su-Xian YEOW / Singapore
Grandps’s zoo by Adam ZHANG / China
How My Grandmother Became a Chair by Nicolas FATTOUH / Lebanon
Kandittundu by Adithi KRISHNADAS / India
Lal by Gökalp GÖNEN / Turkey
Life’s a Bitch  by Varya YAKOVLEVA / Russian Federation
Maternal Awakening by Shiika OKADA / Japan
Meow or Never by Neeraja RAJ / India, United Kingdom
My Grandmother is an Egg by Wu-ching CHANG / Taiwan
Night Bus by Joe HSIEH / Taiwan
On Time Off Time by Hirotoshi IWASAKI / Japan
One Two Home by Gili SHANI / Israel
Orchestra Rehearsal by Tatiana OKRUZHNOVA / Russian Federation
Pet Fishes by Oleon LIN / China
Polar Bear Bears Boredom by Koji YAMAMURA / Japan
Spinning by Tzu-hsin YANG / Taiwan
Strange Occurrences: Bukit Bulabu by Shi Teng WONG, Gloria YEO, Hana LEE / Singapore
Subject by Renen ADAR, Neta ZAIDEL / Israel
Takano Intersection by Mizuki ITO / Japan
The Deceased by Keren OR ZELINGHER, Avishai SIMCHOVITCH / Israel
THE FOURTH WALL by Mahboobeh KALAEE / Iran
The Goo by Jonathan DEUTSCH / Israel
The Name of the Plum Blossom by Xiang-yu SHI / China, United States
The Scariest One by Pavel NIKIFOROV / Russian Federation
This is Only Getting Worse by Eran LUZON, Michael NEGARI / Israel
This One is Sweeter by Li-yu LIU, Shu-yen WANG / Taiwan
We Were a Sterile Bomb by Dotan MORENO / Israel
White Snake by Polina FYODOROVA / Russian Federation

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