22nd Jeonju International Film Festival – Korean Competition for Shorts and Local Cinema 2021

This week the organizers of the Jeonju International Film Festival announced the Korean Competition for Shorts and Local Cinema programme. The festival will run from April 29th until May 8th, in Jeonju, South Korea.

This year 993 entries were submitted to the Korean Competition that took place from December 1st until February 1st, 2021. Among them, 25 were shortlisted. The preliminary screening was conducted by director Kim Mijo, winner of the 21st JeonjuIFF’s Korean Competition, director Shin Dongmin, also winner of last year’s Korean Competition, the Cine21 journalist Lee Dahyeh, webzine Reverse Journalist Cha Hanbi, film journalist Lee Eunseon, and film critic Huh Namwoong.

As for the Local Cinema section, composed of filmmakers from North Jeolla Province, 28 productions were submitted. The decrease of submissions from last year (that were 47 films) can be explained to the great impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the cinema industry.

– Korean Competition for Shorts –
4Where Is Our Love Song by Goh Gainsoo – Fiction
A blue giant by NOH Gyeongmu – Animation
Egg Curry Rice by Seo Ji-hyung – Animation
Frame and Matter by Kim Yesolbi – Experimental
GOOD for you by KIM Ilhyun – Animation
Juhee/17/B by MOON Chaewon – Fiction
Language Exchange (Échange De Langue) by KANG Jiyeon – Fiction
Maria & Beyonce by Song Yechan – Fiction
May•JEJU•Day by Jude KANG – Documentary
Paraffin Dream by Kwon Soonhyeon – Documentary
Stitching Photography by Kang Yesol – Experimental
Teacher’s Day by Lee Jihyang – Fiction
The Gleaming by LEE Da-young – Fiction
The things we hoped last summer by PARK Jongwoo – Fiction
The Way to the sun by KIM Sohee – fiction
TOILET by KIM Seonggyun – Fiction
Training Session by KIM Changbum – Fiction
Vacation event by CHOI Minyoung – Fiction
Wasteland by Lee Tack – Fiction
Water curing by Ssong Juhyun – Fiction
Weed Fiction by Cho Eungil – Fiction
Whispers in the Water by Oh Onyou – Experimental
Winter Mourning by Yun Dahee – Fiction
Without You by Park Jaehyun Fiction
Woman Who Killed a Lion by PARK Yu-jin – Fiction

– Local Cinema –
The Crossroad within Me by Kang Jun-ha – Fiction
Second Funeral by Kim Taekyung – Fiction
Teacher’s Day by Lee Jihyang – Fiction
Out of Season by Huh Gun – Fiction
Cube by Jo Meehye – Fiction

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