3rd Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival – 2021 Finalists announced

The organizers of the Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival announced the finalists for this year’s edition. The festival will take place online from March 2nd – 3rd, 2021.

Japan Competition
[Yakushima / Promotion] A Fulfilling Journey | 生命が満たされる旅 [4K] by 江崎 龍彦
[非公式]わっしょい!北九州の夏祭り by 星 空太郎
Sel de la vie -Traveling is the salt of life by 戸田 耕一郎 KOICHIRO TODA
都心から約1時間の別世界 by 佐藤真理子(株式会社オリエンタルコンサルタンツ)
『匠が護る伝統工芸 その技と未来』 Artisans preserving traditional crafts, skills, and the future by 小川浩之
【4K】あなたはまだ本当の福井県を知らない | THIS IS REAL FUKUI by あいとら / Aithra
【RE-DISCOVER HYOGO】さあ、新しい“いつも”の旅へ by 山端 秀明
101回目への弘前公園の桜(2020)by 下田 翼
A day in 1300 years of history by Kinosaki Onsen 須藤和也
Adventure Tourism in Kyoto City by DMO KYOTO
FIRED UP ! KUMAMOTO~Streets by 市原 多朗
Iceland by 楠 健太郎
LOOK UP Kumamoto City , JAPAN 4K 熊本市 by 白水佑樹
Out of the Blue by 髙橋紀子
PLAYGROUND : Moerenuma Park by 伊藤広大
Quality Living City Kumamoto, JAPAN 4K 熊本市 by 白水佑樹
Reconnect with your by ZEN -TAKAHAMA 楠 健太郎
SPIRIT OF NOTOCHO by 田中昭文堂印刷株式会社
The real Japan,KANSAI【4K】 by 渡邊賢一
カンサイ ジーン -IMPRESSIVE KANSAI– by 福西悠正
スペシャルムービー「つなぐ、にいがた。」 by 津田高穂(電通東日本新潟支社クリエイティブ・ディレクター)
沖縄八重山諸島小浜島「Center of 8 Islands」はいむるぶしオフィシャルビデオ2019 by 十河学
祈り by 十河学
見栄サミット #三重の観光PR動画 by 中日アド企画
好奇心の島々へ。【ダイジェストムービー】 4K by 野上 鉄晃
十日町の日々(Tokamachi Days) by 陳鈺杰(Jay Chern)
小城のおと by 山下勇希
瀬戸内「神の島」厳島神社仏閣 宮島 Setouchi “God’s Island” Itsukushima, Miyajima Hiroshima Japan by 加藤英紀
長野市「夏の魅力」 by 犬飼 昌伸
東急ステイ飛騨高山 結の湯 by 高嶋浩
二拠点暮らし[東京ー直島] by 福島真希
箱庭的都市・尾道夜景タイムラプス by 稲井真一

International Competition
[Yakushima / Promotion] A Fulfilling Journey | by 江崎 龍彦
2020 Go Back to Tainan by Tainan City Government Tourism Bureau
8D Escapes – Green: A Moment of Relaxation by Daniel Reislinger
8D Escapse Series by Daniel Reislinger
A day in 1300 years of history Kinosaki Onsen by Kazuya Sudo
A Day in the Life – Japanese Green Tea Farmer by JInung Chung & Wilkie Yeung
A Winter’s Tale by Dennis Schmelz
Alentejo – Come Alive by João Pedro Viegas
Amina and Phillip | Elope in Japan | Elopement Highlights by Ms. Dee Green
And yet it all seems limitless by Fabien Carré
Artisans preserving traditional crafts, skills, and the future by hiroyuki ogawa
Austria strengthens ties by Johannes Grebert
Back to the forest by Adrian Goiginger
Bali a tropical state of mind by Piero Calicchio
Center of 8 Islands by Manabu Sogo
Costa do Vizir Beach Village & SPA by Danilo Warick
Discover Colours You Never Knew Existed by Ieva Morkūnaite
Ebike tour Bled by Aleš Žemlja
Feel India by Ion Sova
Feelin’ Yunlin – A Wide-eyed Wander in Taiwan by Bruce Wang
Golubac Fortress – Ancient Guardian Of Iron Gate by Bosko Savkovic
Greek Summer is a State of Mind by Thanasis Papathanasiou
Help by Santiago Alcazar
Honmono Japan Ninohe by Miho Sato(discovery go inc.)
Hunger for experiencies by Alberto Baamonde / Laura Fontán
ICELAND by Kentaro Kusunoki
Isle-Isolate Life by Fran Torres
Kitzbühel 365 – NEW Worlds, NEW Cosms, NEW GmbH
by Kyle Trevelyan Cresswell
Mino – a Town with World Heritage by Hiroshi takashima
Mountains of Taiwan | The Wildest Dream-Andrew Chen – My Inspire Project
Nature & me by Ivan Marinović
Nothing much but much more by Dajan Javorac
Quandamooka Country by Matt Raimondo
Saniclau trails-Its time to Discover São Nicolau by Marko Lopes
Sel de la vie -Traveling is the salt of life by KOICHIRO TODA
South Australia: hear it, touch it, see it to believe it by TBWAAdelaide and The Institute of Post Production
Stay at home, for now by Nuno Serrão
Staycation by Quentin Uriel
Sustainable Community-Based Tourism in Thailand by Rob Holmes
Sustainable Travel Thailand by Rob Holmes
Taichung: The Heart of Taiwan by Jay Chern
Taiwan Small Town Ramble by I-Hui Lee
Taste Tomonoura Together by Kentaro Kusunoki
The Captain by Juan Cernadas
The Desert Walker by ChenYang
The Perfect Proposal by Dimitris Gkotsis
The real Japan,KANSAI【4K】 by Kenichi Watanabe
The Secret Of Tanintharyi by Pehuen Grotti
There’s always one more degree in Pingtung by Marco Wu
Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream by Ciril Jazbec
Transalp Waterline Tour by Cara Urban
Two Deaf Travellers by Raabia Hussain
Vilnius: amazing wherever you think it is by Ričardas Matačius
Welcome to Paradise – YORON Island, Japan by Tatsuhiko Esaki
When the south wind blows by MoMo ,Hsing-Ying Tseng
Where by Marco Wu

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