26th ifva Awards – Finalists 2021

We present the finalists of the ifva Awards, formerly the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards, which will take place from February 24th until March 14th (2021) at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

About the Awards:
ifva was founded by the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1995. Over the years, ifva has established itself as Asia’s pioneering force in short film, animation and media arts, by providing a unique and professional platform for Hong Kong and Asian creative talents to unite, exchange and promote their works.

Open Category:
Blue Hour by Ip Siu-chung
Dream Residue by Chan Tze-woon
Eternal Sunshine by Ho Yuk-fai
Home, and a Distant Archive by Dorothy Cheung
Loves, with Love by Chan Po-man Jomin
Mummy by Tsang Chung-yin
Night is Young by Kwok Zune
The Truth of the Dead YouTubers by Leung Cheuk-lam
This is not the End by Chan Kam-hei
Yuen Yeung by Leung Ming-kai, Kate Reilly

Youth Category
-.079.- by Lee Nim-chung
Birthday Wish by Sung Ting-hin
Days of Being Grounded by Chan Po-yan
In Pursuit of Love by Leung Ching
Judging by Luo Yi-ming
Memories of School by Tong Pak-him
Mr. Tse by Lee Nim-chung
Reunion by Wong Yuet-tung
Solution:Love by Chan Lok-ching Sunnie, Chan Long-ning, Woo Hiu-lam
Terrolice by Lee Nim-chung

Animation Category
Balloons by Tse Zi-yi (Hong Kong)
Be With Me by Bigsoil (Hong Kong)
BLANKET TALK by Jennifer Li, Shanman Chang, Peng hia-wei (Taiwan)
Buoy by Chang Chia-ning, Huang Chien-hua, Shen Li-chen (Taiwan)
Closet by Lee Hsin-tien (Taiwan)
GUNKWORLD by Chee Wen-jian Mark (Singapore)
HereAfter by Lui Wai-hang Jack, Wong Wun-ki Winki (Hong Kong)
How my grandmother became a chair by Nicolas Fattouh (Lebanon)
Kill Danny by Leung Chun-tat, Law Lok-hei, Wu Hau-chung (Hong Kong)
Mountains and Seas – Village of Muds by Nicboy (Hong Kong)

Media Art Category
Aesthetics and Freedom of Human Beings by Chan Kwan-chi (Hong Kong)
Awakening – Hu Ching-chuan (Taiwan)
Give No Words but Mum by Lo Lai-lai Natalie (Hong Kong)
Living to Die by Hoi In-wai Kelvin (Macau)
Modern Body by Katsuki Nogami (Japan)
Spectrum by Mari Ohno (Japan)
Spirotrope by Witaya Junma (Thailand)
The Puzzle I by Angela Yuen (Hong Kong)
Unerasable Characters II by Winnie Soon (Hong Kong)
What are you watching by Zhou Zixuan (China)

Asian New Force Category
Child of Nowhere by Dio Wang (Taiwan)
COFFIN MAKER by Amir Karami (Iran)
Drifting by Bo Hanxiong (China)
God’s Daughter Dances by Byun Sung-bin (South Korea)
Heading South by Yuan Yuan (China)
I am Wounded by Orkan Bayram (Turkey)
Mina’s World by Shaho Zandi, HamidReza Sayyad Daryabakhsh (Iran)
One Night Two Threads by Emi Saito (Japan)
The Visit by Azadeh Moussavi (Iran)
Weekend by Ario Motevaghe (Iran)

* Open Category
March 4th, 2021 (Thursday) | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | 8:00 pm (with after-screening discussion)
March 5th, 2021 (Friday) | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | 8:00 pm (with after-screening discussion)

* Youth Category
March 6th (Saturday) | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | 2:30 pm (with after-screening discussion)

* Animation Category
March 13th, 2021 (Saturday) | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | 2:30 pm (with after-screening discussion)

* Asian New Force Category
March 12th, 2021 (Frida) | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | 7:30 pm (with after-screening discussion)

* Media Art Category – Exhibition
March 2nd until 14th, 2021 | Pao Galleries Hong Kong Arts Centre | FREE Admission

For more information, please visit the official website of the festival:

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