4th Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino – Awards 2020

We present the list of winners of the 4th Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, which took place online from October 31st until December 13th, 2020.

About the festival:
The Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) is a week-long celebration of Philippine Cinema where new quality genre Filipino films are screened for one (1) week in all regular cinemas nationwide. No foreign film will be screened during PPP except in specialty cinemas to give the opportunity for the whole country to celebrate its own local films. This event is organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines in partnership with the National Cinema Association of the Philippines.

Best Picture

Cleaners by Glenn Barit – Philippines | 2019 – 78 minutes

Cleaners is an absurd coming-of-age anthology film about high school students who each struggle with the standards and pressures of being pure, proper and clean while also discovering that the world they are boxed in is dirty and superficial to begin with. Imagine a film with 30,000 frames printed, photocopied, colored with highlighters, before being assembled back again digitally. A nostalgic trip to simpler days of self-discovery and social awakening. (PPP 2020)


Special Jury Prize For Film

Metamorphosis by J.E. Tiglao – Philippines | 2019 – 98 minutes

Adam was raise like a normal boy until he bled his first menstrual period. Adam was born with two genitals, an intersex who finds himself in a painful transformation that takes him into the ambiguities of fate and desires.


Best Director

Glenn Barit for Cleaners – Philippines | 2019 – 78 minutes

Best Actress

Hana Kino for Come on, Irene (Keisuke Yoshida) – Japan | 2018 – 137 minutes

42-year old loser Iwao Shishido screws up his one shot at love, and leaves home to go to the Philippines. He uses the 3 million yen he saved up over the years to join a tour and find a bride. After meeting with 30 local women one after another, he goes into a panic and finally picks one randomly. The girl he picks is a Filipino named Irene, who was born in a poor fishing village. Two weeks after Iwao’s sudden departure, he comes back to find his father Genzo dead, and his family in the middle of the funeral. The young Irene is revealed to a crowd of murmuring mourners. When Tsuru hears that her only son, who’s gone his entire life without ever being in love, has married a girl she’s never met, she becomes infuriated. She grabs the family’s hunting rifle and points its gleaming barrel at Irene. (PPP 2020)


Best Actor

Gold Azeron for Metamorphosis (J.E. Tiglao) – Philippines | 2019 – 98 minutes

Special Jury Prize for Performance in a Lead Role

Elijah Canlas for He Who Is Without Sin (Jason Paul Laxamana) – Philippines | 82 minutes

A cautionary tale told in three contradicting accounts; this is a story of a broadcasting student who discovers the shady truth about the TV reporter he idolizes- a dignified newsman who is supposed to be a paragon of virtue, but is not who he appears to be on television.


Special Citation for Ensemble Performance

Leomar Baloran, Julian Narag and Carlo Mejia for Cleaners (Glenn Barit) – Philippines | 2019 – 78 minutes

Best Supporting Actress

Gianne Rivera for Cleaners (Glenn Barit) – Philippines | 2019 – 78 minutes

Best Supporting Actor

Henyo Ehem for The Highest Peak (Arbi Barbarona) – Philippines | 2020

A man with a haunted past and a boy escaping a cruel present, both make their way up the country’s highest peak, in search of redemption and salvation.


Best Screenplay

Jason Paul Laxamana for He Who Is Without Sin (Jason Paul Laxamana) – Philippines | 82 minutes

Best Cinematography

Emmanuel Liwanag for He Who Is Without Sin (Jason Paul Laxamana) – Philippines | 82 minutes

Best Editing

Lawrence Fajardo for Kintsugi – Philippines | 2020

The film follows the story a man who travels to Saga to expand his pottery business in the Philippines, then falls in love with a Japanese woman who is the heiress of a flourishing pottery factory.


Best Production Design

Alvin Francisco for Cleaners (Glenn Barit) – Philippines | 2019 – 78 minutes

Best Sound Design

Arbi Barbarona for The Highest Peak – Philippines | 2020

Best Musical Score

Glenn Barit for Cleaners – Philippines | 2019 – 78 minutes

Audience Choice Award for Feature Film

He Who Is Without Sin by Jason Paul Laxamana (Jason Paul Laxamana) – Philippines | 82 minutes

Audience Choice Award for Cinemarya Short Film

Night Shift by Mariel Ong – Philippines | 2020 – 19 minutes

While inside the car, a battered driver answers her ringing phone. On the way home, she picks up a passenger and drops her off. Troubled, she quietly follows the passenger until she reaches her own apartment. She begins to hear mysterious voices. These voices become louder until she goes outside to enter a different room.


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